I Was Hit By A Bus

1567194349…and boy did it hurt.
maybe i did it to myself.
i said:

“its going to be a bad day…”

…and the universe came through.
one that was a big learning lesson tho…
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I Had A Bad Break Up Today.

Letting go.

It is extremely hard to do.
Why is this?
Is it because we get comfortable?
Is it because we know no better?
Or, are we just not trying to go back to square one?

All I ask is…

Why is letting go so difficult to do?

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Shit In The Air (Nigga Duck!)

Story time!
Gather round!

Once upon a time,
there were 2 Foxes who grew up together.

They were the best of friends who did everything (well almost everything) together.
They vowed that they would have each others back
thru the good times and the bad…

… that is,
until one Fox started getting steady dick downs and his brain squeezed thru his ears.

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