NEXT… Literally

I use to have the biggest crush on the guys from Next.

T-Low because he was a teddy bear and I loved his voice.
Tweety because he could dance and his pecs made me sit up as they did.
… and then…

I use to love me some R.L but….

…. what is this?

What is this for?
What is this about?
What is the purpose?
Why is it so random?

I’m confused people!

Does he have an album coming out…
…or is he restless in the 90’s graveyard and he decided to do an irrelevant appearance?

Po’ thing.
Getting nakey nakey for some publicity.
I’m not complaining (as I imagine coppin’ a few feels).

P.S – do you see the size of those massive ass thighs?
Imagine them inbetween yours….

Dreams of fucking
an EX R&B Dick.




Author: jamari fox

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