f0xmail: Your Entry On Me Ruined My Life!


so was the first paragraph in the email:

Good afternoon . I am sending this on behalf of my client …..

This will serve as your legal notice to cease and desist all further actions described below . You are hereby instructed to comply with this letter immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable Federal and State law

this was the second part within that email:

Dear Site Owner:
It has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of copyrighted work “Private Video” I have reserved all rights in the Work, , and I have preserved my rights to the copyright of the Work. I am asking that you please remove this video. This video was made close to 5 years ago. It is now stolen property ,  and has been maliciously sent out.  It is because of this blog that I have lost my job , lost my house and car because of no employment , I  been denied employment on several levels , along with  other opportunities  that could be afforded to me . I am sincerely just in an attempt to rebuild my life but I do need your assistance in removing this information from your website.  I have no issues with your ,or  anyone and try my best to love everyone.  Your purpose  to destroy at that time has been complete. I am asking in Good faith that you please remove this content from your website/blog .

With Humble Submission I request


so you’re telling me,
in this email,
that my site ruined your life?

is that what chu sayin to me right now?
so let me get this straight.
well gay in your case.
you’re a “gospel artist” whose shtick is to be a “man of god”.
which means you are suppose to be setting a better example.
which means every sunday,
you need to be on a stage with a freshly pressed suit on,
singing about jesus and bringing us to glory.
a better example is not taping a sex tape with someone who would leak it.
that is not my fault.
that is YOUR fault.
i could understand if i knew you,
went through your phone,
stole it from you,
and uploaded up it this blog.
not the case baby boy.
that sex tape was on EVERY OTHER BLOG and i decided to write about it.
so before you insult my intelligence by making it seem like i ruined YOUR life,
why don’t you realize you were being a dumb ass and this was the outcome?
you obviously didn’t think about that while his balls were in your mouth.
…and then a lawyer with a gmail account?
photo 4please stop it.
stop it right now!
anyway i would have been spiteful and kept the video up,
but i decided to put the entire entry on private.
god bless you and i hope you get your house in order.
maybe this is a sign from god that you weren’t setting a better example to his word.

jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

44 thoughts on “f0xmail: Your Entry On Me Ruined My Life!”

  1. OMG is this Kevin Terry who wrote that? well he has hundreds of bloggers to email…smh he let someone tape him performing oral sex knowing he’s a gospel artist in the black community, a VERY HOMOPHOBIC community hence the LEGIONS of black men who are gay pretending to be straight whether they’re everyday guys or gospel singers..i just think it’s sad that someone’s life is destroyed simply because they’re being who they are…i wouldn’t want to be a gospel singer, because black people are too hypocritical and self-centered in the gospel industry when it’s blatantly obvious that many of the gospel male singers get down….smh on to the next one…you should have told him to learn how to deep throat maybe if he would have done it right the video wouldn’t have gotten leaked

    1. This is weird I just finished watching the interview Tonex/B Slade did when he came out in 2009. In 2013 he performed with Tye Tribblet, did a song with Karen Clark Sheard and Faith Evans, and attended Dorinda Clark Cole’s SMAC conference.So a few people in Gospel Industry are accepting him., some progress I suppose.It’s a shame that he was blacklisted for years.Fortunately he has been able to work with Faith Evans, Chaka Khan and others in the interim.

      As for this email if it’s not from Kevin Terry than the other guy is bringing more attn to his scandal.I had forgotten about the second gospel singer with sex tape until today.

  2. So… he tried to get a job and every person was like “No!, I saw you’re sex-tape on the Jamari Fox blog.”

    I’m confused. It starts off like it’s a lawyer but then changes into the actual person halfway thru. I guess he wanted threw in a bunch of big words to scare you into taking it down. I don’t know which person this is because remember this happened twice to two different people around the same time. Both were slobbing them knobs tho.

  3. Kevin Terry shut the fuck up already. No one ruin your name except for your stupid ass who shouldn’t be making videos in the first place. Be a fucking a man and grow the hell up okay? And I hope that bastard reads this which he probably will that stupid ass donkey face.

    1. It was not Kevin Terry. That post is still up. Did you all even search to see if it was private. Jamari said the post is now private. The person who I referred to below. The post about him is gone. It shows up in Google, but the post doesn’t come up.

      Kevin is the man tho. I still want him to give me some head. He rocked that mic.

  4. I knew it was him before I even started reading it! Lol

    I saw that video on mainstream black blogs way before it got here and they surely won’t be afraid of his veiled threats. In fact, by sending emails to these bloggers and pissing them off he’s only making it worse. His story kind of gets pushed to the back of your mind as it gets pushed back to the back of the blogs but this is just bringing it back to the front page again!

    He should’ve done all this when it was first posted.

    I’ll never get why someone with any remote notoriety or social responsibility would record a sex act, especially with their face visible. If you have to be kinky that shit should go in a vault somewhere. You definitely don’t give anyone that kind of power over you.

    Your bad!

    He sucked that dick like it was a job…with benefits lol

    No disrespect, but I’m missing out. Aint nann dude ever rolled his eyes back in the head when he sucked my dick LMAO

  5. I’m dying to know who this is and what video they are talking about. Can’t be Kevin Terry I just saw him at a gospel concert last weekend and he ain’t look broke busted and disgusted….hmmmmm

    1. Great news about Kevin Terry still working in Gospel Music.I thought his career would be over because of the tape.

  6. Mr Hawkins, Jamari did not leak this information to the public. You were having a secret rendezvous with a man and it wasn’t really much of a secret. Not only did he expose your ratchet ass, but he obviously did not give a shit about you, your career, financial status, or you having a place to reside. He is the one at fault because for one, he recorded you without your consent, which is illegal since parties must know if they are being recorded. Second, he released it to the public, which is also an invasion of privacy since private info is now public info.You can actually file a civil suit against him, but not to Jamari Fox. That is legal advice, and I suggest you take heed to it, instead of coming for people who did not wrong you. Now beat it. Niggas want to blame everyone else for the actions they engage in, but fail to blame those who harmed them.

    You can’t blame Jamari because people know you are gay and won’t hire you. People can look at you and tell you don’t like no pussy lol Yes, I said it again. However, you did put on your Sunday’s Best in that sextape tho, yes you did. If it’s money you need, I’m sure my fellow wolves in the Foxhole can put you to work, and we will pay you for your services because us wolves will not send a Fox home with empty pockets.

    Did I or did I not….just get him together, pack him up, and send him along his way?

  7. LMAO. For a minute I thought it was that fine ass pastor (whose name escapes me) with the body who likes to diss the “fags” on Sunday but hunt them down in the clubs Monday-Saturday!

  8. Hawkins is doing damage control. That whole bit about no car no job etc etc is a lie. he just released his new single and is about to release his album. I guess he’s trying to get that off the internet because it might hurt his gospel career……..BOYBY!!

    1. ^WAIT HE LIED?????
      why wasn’t he just honest and ask me to take it down?
      why create this story?
      he better be glad im not feeling like an asshole tonight.

      1. I would put it back up for meanness man. I could have told you he lied. It is just an oral sex tape, it’s no way he could have lost a job over that, especially under the circumstances that it was taped without his consent. A boss could easily understand that, and as long as it is not a distraction in the workplace, you are fine.

        Teachers are mostly the only ones who can get fired over an incidents like his.

  9. What in the Blue Ivy Carter hell is this B.S. These queens have got to be stopped with their fuckery and foolishness. Whoever you are, please call Mahalia Jackson and take a seat in the upper room. If you would have just rocked the mic at Sunday Service and not in Trade bedroom we wouldnt be having this conversation today. Somewhere in Glory, James Cleveland is weeping that these new Gospel Gals cant keep there scandalous ways away from church folks and their gospel buying public. The old school gospel stars were far more scandalous but you never heard or seen their dirt until long after they were gone.

  10. Jamari this really pisses me off. I’ve seen this happen to other bloggers and website owners. When they don’t like what you post about them they write some pseudo lawyer cease and desist bullshit. FUCK HIM! It’s his fault the shit happened …he made his bed now roll around in it.

    I work in media and I tell people all the time…do not post on Twitter, Instagram, FB, or take a video or photo of anything you would be embarrassed by later. But stupid asses do it anyway. Hawkins let a man video him sucking his dick.

    And he was sucking that dick like it was the last he was going to get in the 21st century. He might have been feeling dude at the time but you always have to realize relationships come and go and there is a thin line between love and hate cuz dude didn’t give a fuck about posting that shit on the Internet for the world to see.

    What he needs to do is concentrate on his career and keep moving. The public may ridicule the shit out of you but is very forgiving. Even Tammy Faye Baker and gay former New Jersey Gov. McGreevey got a second life after a scandal.

    1. This is not about posting anything that may come back to haunt you. This starts with the relationship between the parties, whether it is causal or exclusive, there has to be respect between the two first. That is an issue in this lifestyle and the it happens with straight people too. There is a fine line between the roles of Foxes and women when it comes to their interactions with men. I have said this before. Both of them are willing to tolerate anything and everything in order to keep a man.

      A now ex-friend of mine had me in the middle of a messy situation about two months ago. His boyfriend went through his phone, and saw pics of my pipe. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was being messy. I had no idea my friend was in a relationship…….for over a year. On top of that, he tried to come by my school and give me head quite a few times. I rejected him each time and I’m glad I did. To begin with, I do not have sexual relations with my friends man. I put him in his place after he told me how long he was in a relationship. I am not messy, and I not only respect myself, but also the relationships of others. I pride myself on those things. My friend lied to his dude because they are still together. That is a classic situation of a Fox allowing a Wolf to walk all over him. We tell you all anything and you will fall for it. History repeats itself, so if he dogs you out once, he will do it again. You Foxes put us Wolves on pedestals and some of them treat you like shit. Some of them do not care about you, and you basically a jump off in a relationship. You are nothing but a sex object to him, and when someone who can offer him more sexually comes along, he will throw you away.

      I do not want to be involved with someone who lets me walk all over them. I am not looking for someone who is weak. I want that Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of relationship, where my partner can go toe to toe with me without being afraid I am going to leave him for standing up to me. I respect someone who can stand up to me when they feel I have crossed the line.

      Anyone who is in their feelings about what I said, remember those who are guilty always are the ones with the hurt feelings, just saying.

  11. You need to be held accountable for what you post as I said previously not everyone wants to be associated with this site whether they are gay or not and that is their right to not have their images or videos uploaded here. I totally agree with it, you say you are in this industry and if you are you should know there are levels to this and people dont like gossip rags, how would you like it if this site was forwarded to everyone down to your “job”. You would be on here talking about your benefits being cut-off again.

    1. Very good and valid points and this is something that I been posting in several of my posts. It is my sincerest hope that Mr. Fox takes your advice to heart because it is very rational and it in the long run will work in the best interest of Mr. Fox and this blog going forward, because you are holding him to a higher standard.

  12. Good Morning Fellas,
    I am reading this on Sunday morning and I have to ask myself why. Where is the compassion. Jamari, I enjoy your blog and turn to it often to see the hot new wolf meat and yes, chuckle at the scandalous, but I believe you should not have written this post. Compassion for someone who is trying to straighten out a mess( that, yes, they initially created, ) should have been shown. Take down the post, quietly and let it go. We have all done some dumb shit that we don’t want everybody to know about. And while it’s not your fault they did it, by posting it, then and now, your are perpetuating the issue.
    Peace and Love to you and all.

    1. It has been almost 6 months C#. His story is a lie, just like him having a lawyer. He doesn’t even have a lawsuit, and no real lawyer would take a case like that. You all believe anything. I found his instagram. You know I find everything after a little snooping. I will not post it, but I will be sending it to Jamari tho as proof that he is not as bad of as he is claiming. He just took a picture of himself on a flight three weeks ago. Where is he getting the money? Just yesterday he took a pic of himself in his car. I couldn’t see the whole car, but the car was red. However, I found a red Lexus on his instagram which he claims is his. The car he was photoed in yesterday was red, which means he still has his car.

      He is a liar, and I have no compassion for him.

      1. Does it really matter if he is destitute or not. He says, “Man, take my video down, it’s causing me problems”. You say, OK, alright. Done. We’ve got plenty of other folks to judge. IMHO

      2. You were wondering why we did not have compassion, as if we should feel sorry for him. He has his car, and he probably has everything else too. When I initially read what was written up there in that email, I felt bad for him a little bit. Now I have learned all of that was a lie. He could have kept it short, but he wanted to be all dramatic and shit like a female man. He obviously wanted to make Jamari feel bad.

        I am tired of these men who claim to be saints, and talk about how they are men of god when they are going around lying, and sinning more than what I am. Stop it. Hawkins is in church right now probably shouting to the high heavens, and he just lied about not having a car, a house, or a having employment so we could feel bad for him. That is just as bad as creating a fake charity and keeping the funds.

      3. Mr. Fox I am with the other poster regarding showing some compassion and I am quite frankly a little shocked with your response to person who authored the email. I think one of the main reason I come to your blog is because I liked your humility, openness , and general compassion. However, your response to this guy seemed to be extremely harsh and devoid of kindness. Yes he may have offended you with his email, however does he deserve a public flogging for it. In many of your posts you shared your faith and your love of God with us, and I do not mean to sound preachy well… maybe a little, but I strongly think that God blessed you with your new job and I strongly believe that God has provided for you when you were struggling in between jobs. Doesn’t this compel you to have some compassion for him as God showed compassion for you.

        The bible says in Colossians 3:12 “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”

        I do not know who his person is and so I have to consider that since he took time to write to you may give some indication that he might be telling the truth for some reason, maybe not the whole truth but I strongly believe that he is tell some truth. Did you destroy his life for posting his video on your website? No, I don’t think so because as someone said and I am paraphrasing “he did it to himself when he allowed himself to be video taped engaging on a sexual”, and this is especially true if he is a public personality. I always tell people that they should never make a sex tape or take nude pictures because it will never end well. However, this guy made a huge mistake by making the video, and he is claiming to be paying the price for it. We live in a world of social media where our sins can come back to haunt us over and over again.

        Someone said “He just took a picture of himself on a flight three weeks ago. Where is he getting the money? Just yesterday he took a pic of himself in his car. I couldn’t see the whole car, but the car was red. However, I found a red Lexus on his instagram which he claims is his. The car he was photoed in yesterday was red, which means he still has his car.”

        This proves nothing because:

        1. How do we know it is his car? I know many people drive expensive cars that belong to other people but pose as if it is theirs.

        2. Just because a person is on a plane doesn’t mean he paid for the seat. He could have cashed in some frequent flyer miles, someone else could paid for the ticket, and I know many people who knows someone who works for an airlines that are able to get discounted or free pass on a plane. I have a good friend that crisscross the country several times a months on Southwest one don’t have to pay a single dime.

        3. His having a lawyer but alleging to being broke many people have prepaid legal plans which cost under $20.00 a month . Most of these plans include the opinion of having a lawyer writing a letter for them. So yes a lawyer can take a case like this and it don’t cost that much to take anyone to court to sue them. Lawyers only turn down contingency cases such as : personal injury, social security, slam dunk or workman comp cases . Trust me when I say a lawyer will take anyone’s money if they have it to pay. The average attorney cost between $175.00 and some legal aid attorneys will represent a client at low cost or no cost for financially challenged clients.

        4. Someone said that he should not have lost his job unless he was a teacher and this is not true. Many jobs especially jobs in the non profit arena have morality clauses that will call for immediate termination of engaging in behavior that may reflect negatively on the agency. Again going back to social media today many jobs will google a perspective or current employee name as a part of it’s ongoing background checks and maybe this is how your site came up.

        Mr. Fox perhaps you are correct when you say “that his video has been posted on other blogs, however you are responsible for your blog and how you choose to represent your blog. I think that you could have responded to the man in anyway you choose to however I think posting your response publicly may have not been the best way to go. At the end of the day we all are guilty of doing something that can or will destroy us if it were to be made public. This guy doesn’t sound like the brightest bulb on the tree, but he sounds to me like he is aware that he made a big mistake if he is telling the truth and he is trying to make it right. Don’t he deserve some support for that?

      4. People will not believe something even if they see it with their own two eyes, which is ignorance. I visited his instagram page, and I know what I saw. I am not going to be responsible for igniting this situation more than what it currently is, so I will not post his page. Maybe if I searched for the deed to his house and his car title you would believe me, but that would be pointless and a waste of my valuable time because you still wouldn’t believe me. It is cool tho. Being ignorant is being blind to facts that are obvious. You will remain the dark because you fail to acknowledge the truth. My gut instinct tells me it is because you get a rise out of proving us wrong, I truly do. You are already attempt to make us feel inferior by speaking articulate all the time. This was pointed out previously by another reader too, but I will not dwell on that.

        I am not giving away any more of my energy to this foolishness than I already have. We are up here arguing over someone else’s life, and we have lives of our own. I’m done,

    2. If everyone did that, there would be no blogs, gossip would be destroyed, the internet would be no more, and the world would be boring. Jamari has posted other people who sent him emails like this (the pre baller mama and the white hoe who uploaded her sex tape with Paul George for instance). He didn’t even reveal who it was until others did. Furthermore this is a blog about someone’s opinion who let’s us in daily. What’s the problem again?

  13. Interesting
    ” Ex Gay” Donnie McClurkin tweeted about Hawkins’ new single on March 12.I wonder if Donnie saw the video.I remember how he treated Tonex for just “saying” he was attracted to men.Yet Donnie gives a shout out to gospel artist with a sex tape.Why?
    Maybe Donnie helped him pray the gay away.

  14. I missed something the first time I read the email,”Your purpose to destroy at the time has been complete”So he is saying J’s purpose, goal, intention was to “destroy” his career, life, etc.
    The sky is falling?

    “Gospel’s Rising Star Releases New Single”
    “Gospel’s Rising Son Releases Debut Single”
    Donnie McClurkin tweets about single to his 290K followers.
    The sky is not falling

  15. Well, the post on Khare Hawkins of 4-6 months ago has been removed by Jamari. And I haven’t been able to find it online at the first two or so websites that I checked. It appears that they have also removed the video too. Who cares? There’s a minister/church man/church boy sucking dick/getting fucked as we speak and his video will be out tomorrow. LOL

  16. @man
    You said “It is cool tho. Being ignorant is being blind to facts that are obvious. You will remain the dark because you fail to acknowledge the truth.”

    What truth is this that I am being blind to because everything you presented about this guy is extremely circumstantial at best and this is putting it lightly?”

    You said “My gut instinct tells me it is because you get a rise out of proving us wrong, I truly do.”

    Wow feel persecuted much lol? If I were you I would not rely on that gut of yours if real money is involved lol. Also, are you saying that you are wrong in this instant because it sure sounds like it lol?

    You said “

    “You are already attempt to make us feel inferior by speaking articulate all the time. This was pointed out previously by another reader too, but I will not dwell on that.”

    Wow do you realize on how many levels that is a very ignorant statement? I am educated get over it lol. Contrary to some opinions, I post on this site because I think that Mr. Fox is a sincerely nice person who make some interesting threads and I want to contribute to them, and I post to add to the discussion and to educate if possible as Mr. Fox and his posters educate me whenever I come here.

    The legal aspect of this discussion is when it comes to posting someone’s sex tape online it is true that the people in the video may have consented to making the video, however they may have not consent to publishing the video. This is when it can become a serious legal problem for the poster of the video mostly bloggers, etc because there are numerous state and federal laws that make it a criminal offense to publish someone’s video without their consent. This is why video’s are often removed from Youtube for copyright infringement and he same goes for sex tapes or nude pictures from pro-ballers or celebrities. A few years back NBA star Steven Hill had a similar issue with a website that refused to remove nude pictures of him from a blog. So the easiest and most expeditious way to avoid any legal issues is to make your apologies to the requesting party and promptly remove the requested materials from your blog.

    The other reality of this situation if this guy actually has a lawyer who is threatening legal action then they are most likely monitoring this blog to see if the video is removed and if not then every word on his thread has become part of a legal document that can be used against Mr. Fox in court. So the best advice in this situation is for Mr. Fox to comply with the request and then have a discussion about it. I sincerely hopes this helps.

    1. Half of us in this comment section are educated or pursuing secondary education. Do you not know this or are you that dense in the head? I was right about you. You are an asshole, and that comment about you being educated proves it. You may not know this, but I am college student myself dude with a 3.0, and I am fresh off the Deans List. Yes, I sure am. I could go on, but I am not like you. I do not like making people feel inferior and talking down to people.

  17. At the end of the day Hawkins needs to take responsibility for the decisions he’s made. Jamari didn’t ruin his life he needs to blame the dude that recorded it and released it.Period point blank. And have better since than to let somebody film you sucking a petter if you ain’t shamed of everyone seeing it. Like I said dude’s sob story was a lie. Frequent flyer miles my??? BOYBY!!

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