WOLF MEAT: (410)

tumblr_m0udq6hZzd1r8xnbco1_500i think every fox who has been with a wolf know this “look” below…

when he looks at you like this:

tumblr_mdov4x01c61qi5ykao5_250 tumblr_mdov4x01c61qi5ykao6_250
and then this happens afterwards:

you know.
you already know what is about to happen next.

5 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (410)

  1. I saw that screen pic/capture on a YouTube video just this weekend. I think it was in a music video by a gay singer/rapper.

    1. That don’t mean nothing Zen. I am the same size as that Wolf. I could tackle that for sure.

  2. That is one thick Fox right there. It is on like Donkey Kong after he finishes those dishes. *pounds on chest*

    That Wolf is getting ready to tear that up.

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