Braylon Edwards Can’t Sit His Big Butt Down

my big booty braylon edwards is teamless,
but he stays with a new vixen on his arm.
last time, it was an skinny amber rose knock off.
this time, it is a tia and tamera look alike.
theybf has shots of him poolside in miami…
and there just might be a wet peen shot involved.

^is that chlorine peen?

apparently, she use to date flo rida before he upgraded to melyssa ford
(who has had her share of baller peen inside her).
do these ballers trade the same vixens?
shit if this is the case,
put these hoes in a helmet and put em on the field.


^so glad he cut that disgusting thing off his face.

lowkey: the Cincinnati Bengals appear interested in b.
we will see.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Can’t Sit His Big Butt Down”

  1. Braylon has been one of my favorites since his college football days at Michigan. Sexy and fine! His body is too nice !

  2. That is not Braylon’s new chick … please…. He is with a different girl everyday… please do not let these rumors fool you.. they just happened to catch him off gaurd with this chick… thats if she didnt set him up and have the camaras waiting for them to come out… lmao…

  3. “Tia and tamera lookalike” lol! She does look a little Mowry in the face, not as cute as them tho….good one lol.

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