Ezekiel Elliott (He. Allegedly. Can’t. Keep. His. Hands. To. Himself)

Ciwnn15VAAAq3XLhe really looks mexican in this picture.
is he?
well he sure did get his “negro wake up call” these last few days.
so freshly baked nfl meat,
ezekiel elliott aka “trying to make a cut off shirt a thing”:

tumblr_o6dkijzKS41r78dgto4_500…allegedly can’t keep his hands to himself.
he has been accused of domestic violence by his ex girlfriend,
tiffany thompson.
she claims he use to beat her ass,
as well as mentally abuse her.
she released the pictures on her bruises on her instagram

uh oh.
and the 911 call:


not denying her allegations,
but she is awful “calm” in that 911 recording.
she sounds like she is ordering a pizza,
but then again,
snow bunnies have that “passive aggressive voice” on lock.
well ezekiel claims he never laid any hands on that snow bunny.
he is maintaining his innocence on the situation.
according to espn:

Dallas Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott has been accused of domestic violence but has denied the allegation.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.20.00 AM

The Cowboys are aware of the police reports but have not officially commented. The NFL will review the case under its personal conduct policy, a league representative told ESPN.

The woman, identified as Tiffany Thompson, told police that Elliott assaulted her while they sat in a parked car early Friday morning, according to one police report. She told police that she had pain in her right wrist and a red mark but declined medical treatment, according to the report.

Four witnesses, including one who was sitting in the car at the time of the alleged incident, told police that they did not observe an assault.

Thompson also accused Elliott of striking her “several times” and “leaving bruises on her arms” over a five-day period from Saturday to Wednesday, according to a second police report. Elliott, however, told police that he never touched Thompson in “a harmful manner,” saying she suffered the bruises during a bar fight.

Thompson told police that she lived with Elliott for about three months, but the running back said that he only paid for her rent and co-signed on her vehicle.

Columbus police have referred Thompson to the prosecutor’s office, citing “conflicting statements” between Elliott, the woman and witnesses along with “the inability at the time of the report to prove recent co-habitation.”

Elliott’s father, Stacy Elliott, released a statement Friday afternoon, saying his son “has done nothing wrong.”

“The reported allegations and Internet postings regarding our son are completely false,” Stacy Elliott said. “Ezekiel has done nothing wrong. The police have investigated this matter and eyewitnesses have verified the lack of any wrongdoing. The actual evidence in this matter clearly indicates what the real motivation was behind the police being called. We are confident that when the truth comes to light it will reveal the falsity of these claims. Ezekiel has been fully cooperative with the police and will continue to do so — along with cooperating with the NFL — moving forward.”

ESPN typically does not release the names of alleged domestic violence victims, but Thompson, 20, posted Instagram photos Friday showing bruises on her body. One of her posts was tagged to Elliott.

Thompson’s Instagram account was made private later Friday morning.

…and she sure did,
with this caption:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.21.23 AM

ww9MoEat times like this,
people often believe the wolf.
see: chris brown and rihanna.
it isn’t until later on,
the true story is shown through the actions of the unhinged.
i don’t know what/who to believe.
i’m leaning more towards ezekiel.
something in her story doesn’t add up.
we will see as this story develops.
stay tuned.

article taken: espn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Ezekiel Elliott (He. Allegedly. Can’t. Keep. His. Hands. To. Himself)

  1. If he really did do it, then I hope he gets what he deserves, but hey if he didn’t do it and she lied about this. This should show these self hating athletes to stop messing with these snow bunnies. How many times are you’ll going to let these snow bunnies make examples of you’ll, but they are going to continue to mess with them they never learn.

    1. ^my thing is,
      if this is a lie,
      why do she-hyena even lie about this?
      if you get found out to be a liar,
      there will be no living this down.
      domestic abuse is a huge accusation.

  2. Looks like somebody is looking for a big payday. Now that he’s got the NFL dollars, sounds/looks like she’s ready to make a break…with some spending money.

  3. When you mess with Hoes, this is what you get, Hoes do Ho Shit because they want to get paid. He seems to be very immature, he is the same dude who was photograph sleeping with another Ho on IG. Hopefully this will be a wake up call because she knew that the NFL does not play when it comes to domestic violence. This Bish is trying to be wifey so she can live that red carpet life and he aint having it. I hope he sits his ass down and stop playing in the snow before he gets burned real bad.

  4. From the way the info has been presented it sounds like something small might have happened and she decided to “teach him a lesson” or blew it out of proportion (which happens a lot). But I cannot truly say since we don’t have all the facts and won’t know what actually happened.If it truly did happen, then he needs to learn that this is never ok, on a personal note putting himself in the abused’s shoes and on a professional note how serious this is to his career. If it didn’t happen and this is just about her trying to get some money or drag his name in the mud, then she needs to respect how serious this issue is and how many ppl suffer through this. Whether it happened or not, I wonder if it is the increased levels of testosterone and aggression that athletes have that make domestic violence cases so prevalent in sports. Of course I have also know about how there are women who will use it to get back at the man that they are mad at.

  5. This incident reminds me of the Evander Kane (look him up…a cutie for real) incident in upstate Buffalo.
    He was accused of assaulting two women in a bar, one of them claiming he choked her, and trespassing.
    As of Friday, he was arrested, but no one has come forward to back up the attack or choke claim from the woman AND to top it off, the owner of the bar says he wasn’t trespassing. While some people did say he was lound and belligerent, no one saw him assault anyone. And if this happened in such a public place, where are the witnesses to back it up? These dudes will learn their lesson messing with these white girls. They are looking for nothing more than a payday.

      1. Actually there are close to 40 that play in the NHL. Last I checked 14 were US citizens, but the rest were either Canadian or from another country.
        They just don’t get the shine like Russian/Swedish players do! Lol

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