Chris Brown Takes It Like A Man

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.34.55 PMget cho mind out the guttah!
anyway so as you know,
everyone is doing this als ice bucket challenge.
the als standing for “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis”.
basically instead of lighting themselves on fire like the dumb asses,
they decided to throw a bucket of ice water on themselves for a good cause.
how scary is that,
well chris brown got challenged by baller wolf,
kyrie irving,
and well…
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Who’s Derrick?

heyyyyyy joey.
consequence said he has your phone after your little incident.

he says you been texting a “derrick“…


he had a lot to say on hot 97 with angie martinez.
take a listen…

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Tahiry Is Allegedly Married and Giving Out Herpes In These Streets????

never trust a big butt and a smile?

tahiry has some ‘splaining to do.
someone decided to send in a letter allegedly outing her ring finger,
her health status,
and who she let beat that big ol booty within the business….

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mental homework: (13)

as usual,
i see a comment that makes me stop what i’m doing.
this time it was from tajan in:

I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

everyone left great comments,
but this one was on point when it comes to the industry and everyone wanting to be stars…

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I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

this new generation are all “talented”, aren’t they?
everyone has some talent they want to present to the world.
it is almost becoming sickening.
i swear you can’t meet anyone who isn’t “something”.
i haven’t met the new shot lawyer or extremely talented police officer.
everyone who is black online is coming out with a record,
about to star in a movie,
gay guy is styling everyone and their mama,
big tits and fat ass means you are a model,
has work out training videos…

and whatever else to get 2,000 friends easy.
hell, even being a blogger is over saturated.
i’m not trying to knock dreams,
but are these “starry eyed” goals realistic dreams these days?
remember when people said they were going to be a singer and it was fascinating?
everyone who thinks because they can hair flip on stage,
they are beyonce.
i had to ask…

Is everyone black headed to Hollywood?

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The Constant Bullshit That Is Joe Budden

Isn’t that the face of an fine ass angel?
Nice complexion.
The voice of all that is sex.
Joe Budden is definitely an angel….

Well according to not 1, but 4 girlfriends, he is the devil incarnate.

What are we going to do with you, dude?
Do we need to tuck you in at night? 

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