mental homework: (13)

as usual,
i see a comment that makes me stop what i’m doing.
this time it was from tajan in:

I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

everyone left great comments,
but this one was on point when it comes to the industry and everyone wanting to be stars…


Its a combination of many factors how we have arrived at the sad state of entertainment today.

First, of course is the internet and relatively easy way that nobodies can become somebodies. These people are relatively attractive both male and females and then they get on social media and get a few fans and then viola’ they have deluded themselves that they are stars. Most black men have to look and be the same size as Wendell Lissimore and Rob Evans to even get their foot through the door of a real modeling agency and the work for black models is scarce to none for the few who do get through the door. Same as for females, you have to be born with those genetics, you cant work out and diet down to them. I know its raggedy out here when you have models who can probably make it big taking their clothes off and doing solo video’s and more ala’ R.L. Bond, I have seen several fitness models in legitimate mags like Men’s Health who do work on the side as nude models or have solo videos, and even Marcus Patrick who was on a Soap Opera, Movies, and commercials stripped down for Playgirl so I know that clearly modeling is not paying the bills but for a scant few. Its like in the entertainment industry, the mantra should be get ready to do something strange for a piece of change.

Next, you have reality TV, that exploits uneducated, not very media savvy clowns into believing that they have real talent and people are going to love them for being over the top. From the looks of it, we will all have a reality show before its over, even in death now you can get your shine on, on reality TV.

Finally, the whole entertainment industry is so quick to make a buck and not nurture real talent any more by spending money on promotions, grooming classes etc. So now we have this quick fast food entertainment industry that prop people up on dancing and singing shows with a little talent, so other people with a little talent who are sitting at home thinks- hey this could be me, I can do that too, and family members dont help by not discouraging this foolishness. I always wonder what happen to all the people who tasted the limelight but didnt win on all these shows. I am sure going back to your normal life takes a psychological toll on these people that they can never get over. Who can even name the winners on any of these shows, much less remember the losers.

When you have good looks mixed with a modicum of talent, combined with low self-esteem, and the need to loved and recognized, you have a dangerous combination. For a lasting career, you are going to have real talent, a little luck, be ambitious beyond belief, work your ass off, and be very smart on the types of things you will and will not do.

…and there you have it.

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  1. I totally agree with tajan and jamari. Nowadays everyone wants celebrity because more than ever, it seems accessible. Gone are the days where there was an air of mystery surrounding your favorite celebrities. Social media broke down that wall. Now thanks to twitter/instagram/facebook, you can see what your favorite celebrities wore/ate/did on a daily basis and in some cases interact with them. All of this makes celebrities more human, more like us, more accessible. These among other things makes so many people feel as though they have what it takes. Now any guy with a six pack and a gym membership thinks he’s heir to Tyson Beckford’s modeling contract. Any chick with pretty face feels she’s fashion week ready. Jamari posts all the time about this e-celebs; the people who have no taxable income, but obsessively post pics of themselves around the clock on instagram(which is ground zero for narcissism) in hope of hundreds of likes. Truth be told, not every cute face is going to lead you to the hallowed halls of Wilhelmina, not every hot mixtape or youtube video is going to lead to the rock and roll hall of fame

  2. In Hollywood it is tuff getting into the acting business, because so many people are auditioning for these roles. Modeling is the same if you don’t have that look the person who are booking people from the agency for work it is a lost on your behalf. It is so important that we as people realizes that trying to get into the game is not easy task. Do something to have money to live until your break come.


    Hey Jamari, I am going to use this dude as an example of what I was talking about, this dude is aspiring model, actor, rapper, etc, we all know the routine. He is attractive enough, has a nice body, I have seen him in a few exercise publications doing fitness modeling, and according to his model mayhem page he has done some commercial work but clearly he found himself between a rock and hard place and didnt have a plan when things went south in Hollywood. Its so easy to see that you can be taken advantage of when your rent and car note is due or you are hungry. So many of these dudes have sold their souls and they are still not household names. I dont even know what this dude real name is, because he goes by different names in different forums. He is only one of Im sure thousands of young men and women who have gone down this rode searching for dreams of stardom.

    1. ^that is sooooooo deep.
      i am glad you brought this up.
      i am literally sitting here with my mouth open.
      he could have gotten a job and still chased his career.
      he will never be anything now.

    2. You know, I just never knew that so many people dream chase like this. I remember when it used not to be like that.

    3. Hey Tajan. do you I have your permission to use this info on the site. I want to prove a point. I won’t use your name…Let me know..

    4. does he look like someone who will make it? IJS, you can tell hunger, desire and ambition from “I want to be in front of a camera” the suraqwah guy is an example

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