I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

this new generation are all “talented”, aren’t they?
everyone has some talent they want to present to the world.
it is almost becoming sickening.
i swear you can’t meet anyone who isn’t “something”.
i haven’t met the new shot lawyer or extremely talented police officer.
everyone who is black online is coming out with a record,
about to star in a movie,
gay guy is styling everyone and their mama,
big tits and fat ass means you are a model,
has work out training videos…

and whatever else to get 2,000 friends easy.
hell, even being a blogger is over saturated.
i’m not trying to knock dreams,
but are these “starry eyed” goals realistic dreams these days?
remember when people said they were going to be a singer and it was fascinating?
everyone who thinks because they can hair flip on stage,
they are beyonce.
i had to ask…

Is everyone black headed to Hollywood?

i was watching love and hiphop ny last night and tahiry is about to be an artist.

this chick who has no star quality besides her butt cheeks wanting stardom.
i had to ask myself who did she let in those butt cheeks that will put her on the mic?
as mean as it sounds,
this whole “i’m going to be a….” thing is getting out of control.
bad enough erica mena, olivia, and l’oreal are still chasing dreams that will never happen.

watch episode here

have you noticed the difference between white and blacks on the come up?
after some observation,
white people go about stardom much differently.
they actually do it and make it somewhere.
black people tend to “wish, hope, and pray” someone notices them.
we think that because we are light skin and attractive,
we will be on a runway in fashion week.
black folks also do a lot of bragging and showboating online.
i can’t tell how instagram has become the new place for extreme narcissism.
is it the new thing to “promote, promote, promote!“?


you hardly see white folk with instagram trollin’ for acceptance.
many times you don’t know what they do until they tell you.
they take pictures of flowers, cats, and grass all while pursing whatever goal.

best believe,
they make their way into the door and already have a team.
they could all be fake as hell,
but they work together until they are all making money equally.
is it because of the color of their skin?
or their focus and work ethic?
why is it so different in the black world?
what’s the point of backstabbin’ each other being at the bottom?
i’m not saying “white is right” in this entry,
but they sure do handle their careers a lot differently.

the real question is,
  at what point do you stop chasing your dreams?
there is so much everything,
where do you stand out with this “talent”?
i see so many bloggers now that i wonder where do i fit in?
i guess all i can do continue to write and try to grow in a positive direction.
stand out and do my thing the way i do it.

i started to wonder…

Is being a “celebrity” becoming overrated?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!”

  1. we will be on a runway in fashion week. LMAO

    let’s start with the thing you have on the bottom right on your page… You lust adore and almost worship him (safe to say? ) he isn’t attractive, he isn’t ugly, he has a good body and a few tats yet YOU continually sing his praise…now put yourself in his shoes, you (being him) sees your (jamari) blog posts, lusts and all the “yesssssssssssssss i want that man, OMG ..” and all the other thirst comments..how would you feel? Of course you will feel good and almost narcisstic, since you know if I take more pictures with my android phone and turn it b/w a boy (who I don’t know) will blog about me and oh, look, he gets more than 10,000 views so that’s 10,000 looks at me! OMG , I AM famous!!! Maybe I should take more pics, oh look, a photographer wants to take a pic of me (aka Gay men who want to see straight boys naked/semi naked in the name of Fashion…true story: i had a prominent fashion photographer buy me a ticket to come to NY to “test shoot”, however as the date for me to come approached he constantly blew my phone to oblivion and one day slipped and said Ican’t wait to taste that dick, i hung up and suffice to say I did not go to NY). Reinforcement continues to delude him to beleive he is somebody he is not and so he thinks he has already arrived.So the need to actually “work” is zero. A ton of the e-celebs live piss, poor, broke. Riding buses, section houses, welfare tickets ..etc. It takes a certain calibre of person to refrain from the lust and delusion of e-fame. For instance I can EASILYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY become one of these e-stars (not bragging, I’m sure I speak for myself), I easily gain more than 80 likes in a nonsense picture on IG (ALL FROM ladies since I NEVER ever give gay guys my facebook or Twitter i’ve only given 4 guys my twitter and facebook, it took forever for them to get it after constantly asking and thank God they are not messy..i separate this life from my personal life) now if I wanted to I would simply “leak” one of my pictures to tumblr and the rest is story. Maybe start a Youtube too, however I want to WORK hard and be ACTUALLY successful, Looks are a blessing and to me are an asset and NOT something to exclusively rely on. This is my $19.11

    1. ^so why do you do “this”?

      why do you continuously talk down to other people like you are better than them and you are perfect?
      you don’t inspire anyone.
      you may have a moment where you say something that makes me say “wow, that was deep”.
      you come off like the typical uppity gay guy.
      a bully.
      you probably don’t even date black men.
      you probably like them light or close to exotic.
      you think you are better because you are in college and “prominent fashion photographers are hitting you up for a dick sample”.
      heard it all before.
      you ridicule people because they don’t do what “you” would do.
      you are very self absorbed.
      someone would say you hate the fact you are gay.
      every comment on myvidster or even my blog,
      you continuously call people fags and degrade them for their tastes.
      so what?
      i think the guy on the right is fine.
      i’m entitled to that and i’m not perfect.
      i’m not blowing up his emails,
      and telling him to “please love me!!!! please!!!!”
      i think he is sexy and i’d fuck him.
      why does it need to be so complicated?
      i just have a certain taste in a man like all gay men do.
      i’m not any different than anyone who likes a good looking man.
      funny enough,
      you sent me an email to post an entry on rob evans and he can also fit into that category of “worshiped men”.

      so what is davon?
      do you hate me because i express myself the way i do?
      i don’t get it.

          1. you did what you had to do bro. I would have laid him out LONG time ago. You WILL not come on my shit and spread that negative shit.

      1. You had to. We argue and have our differences *look at Random* but we keep it drama free over here. You did right!

      2. I’ll be polite with this.

        “DEAR” Jamari,

        I DON’T hate you. I don’t even ‘know’ you to hate you. I actually love your blog, every so often I forget the blog but remember only to run back in here. I like your writing, i’ve read some other blogs and eh yours trumps. If i didn’t I WON’T BE typing here. A bully is only a bully if you let the other person do so. How many times have I commented on someone else’s post? Very very few. I only reply to what YOU post.

        As you claim to have a right to express yourself, I believe you should accord me that too. Fair? You say I judge yet all you do here is judge me and look up every comment i’ve made online and judge me some more. You find the vampire guy weird? Are you a bad person for thinking that? Someone might find that guy oh so sexy.

        “why do you continuously talk down to other people like you are better than them and you are perfect? you don’t inspire anyone.”

        brah, i simply express my sentiment, why can’t we disagree cordially or even agree to disagree? Why must it be that I am “talking down” to anybody…geesh The guy below me (random) echoes my sentiment, yet, i don’t see telling him how evil he is.

        “you may have a moment where you say something that makes me say “wow, that was deep”

        you come off like the typical uppity gay guy.
        I can be uppity, i’m just not gay. Now before you eat me up sir, I do agree to having found males attractive and honestly have tried to see if the gya label would apply to me, i fall short of gay in many ways than none and bi doesn’t seem to fit me either, i mean i love women, tits , ass etc my jamaican buddy told me once that I love tits, ass,pussy etc and that I must be a freak. Unfortunately freak does not describe orientation and i don’t like it because it has a negative connotation to me so i stick with being me…I digress..

        you probably like them light or close to exotic.
        TRUE that. Just not CLOSE to I actually like them EXOTIC. Green eyes.. the whole lot, look better than me 🙂 …lol I LOVE all of God’s creations too tho 😉

        you ridicule people because they don’t do what “you” would do.
        you know what I’m working on that tho..

        you are very self absorbed.
        I hear that A LOTTTTTTT but I also hear I am sweet, and a great person to know.Maybe you can stop being so myopic and get to see past mere comments, who cares if you like grey nuts over peanuts? do u

        you sent me an email to post an entry on rob evans and he can also fit into that category of “worshiped men”.
        i don’t recall that email. and like i say you have guys you drool over, i guess i could have had mine – nelly (that man is older than my fam so i need to stop) etc.

        i don’t hate you jamari foxi o neil, do you hate yourself?

        see you in the next post where you’ll probably eat me apart . ..

      3. well sorry for sharing my shit with you and trying to get a bit personal, that was my fault , i guess i should keep my experiences to my damn self, gay dudes get messy every time, now u wanna call out the photographer shit.. aiight

      4. you see that, if that was my response you would go on about how insensitive i am or how much of an asshole i’m being or how judgmental and dismissive i was, YET you are doing the same damn thing. taxi cab confessions

      5. Davon, it’s to the point of no return, that’s why his response was what it was. The spilled juice has been sitting on the kitchen floor for too long, and now it’s so sticky that it is too late for you to get a bucket full of water and a mop to clean it up lol. In other words the damage is done. You remember the post about the girl who committed suicide in late October? Your comments on that post were uncalled for. So you can’t deny your comments, I quoted exactly what you said. You said; “Cant wait to hear of more bottoms doing the world favors and removing their infested selves from planet earth faster.” Oh and let’s not forget “They need to stfu about it, at least someone hit that pussy before she killed HERSELF.” If you think that there is nothing disturbing about those comments, then you need some serious help. Many of us were angry at you for that. I was furious and we really got into it. In my mind, your comments are cries for help(someone mentioned that before). I truly believe that at this point. Something is bothering you, and it’s about time for you to open up and share. *pats seat next to me* Come and sit next to me so we can talk.

  2. Yes. So glad you spoke on this.

    I’ve been telling these motherfuckers for years to get a real job. But I’m seen as a dream killer.

    It’s becoming a real problem, actually. People with no talent have diluted the music and film industries. They’ve made it difficult for people with real talent to rise to the top.

    I get on Instagram and Facebook. Everyone’s a model. Everyone’s a singer. Everyone’s a manager. NO ONE has a job.

    People need to figure out how to take whatever they consider to be a talent and turn it into something real. Not everyone can be an actor, but anyone can be a lawyer. Not everyone can be a model, but anyone can work in PR.

    Got to be realistic. Can’t live with your head in the clouds.

    1. ^its getting so bad that i don’t even know what “real talent” is anymore.
      everyone now has websites,
      and attitudes and still don’t know how to talk to other people.
      it is so defeating when you try to network with these people and they deem you as inadequate because you aren’t on their “level”.

  3. I do not even pay these “stars” any attention. At the end of the day they have no talent, no personality, no college degree, MAYBE a highschool diploma or GED, no REAL connections with some power, and have to rely on others to have the life they live or want. If that is not the definition of NOT winning, then I do not know what is. They are attractive, but so are many other people and they do not realize the beauty is in the eye of the beholder meaning that there are some that will not find you attractive or think someone looks better than you. Plus, when they hit 30 nobody will be worried about them and reality will set in. I look at it as they are in the same position they were in yesterday, a year ago, and five years ago. There is no progress going on in their life and they have no accomplishments to their name, so what I am saying is they really are not worth the time to discuss in your personal just leave it to liking their pictures on the Internet b/c that’s all they have and deserve

  4. Also I want to add that most these celebrities come from lower income families and neighborhoods, therefore there standard of success and priorities is going to be lower compared to someone who comes from a middle to upper income family. This is how I look at people tryin to become celebrities in the entertainment industry.

    For fashion: if you have not appeared in any of the fashion magazines under Time Inc, Hearst, or Conde Nast then your modeling career is not that hot. Hell if you have not appeared in a magazine then you ARE NOT a model. If are not signed to a major modeling agency then your career is irrelevant b/c you are not going to be booking any jobs except for jobs with photographers at model mayhem. If you do not have a passport or any stamps in your passport your modeling career is irrelevant b/c at the end of the day there is only 1 fashion capital in the world and that is NYC. And NYC is dwindling as far as the fashion industry goes the big fashion capitals are Milan and Paris b/c that’s were the designers. Also London and Tokyo are big too.

    Music: I do my understand why people want to break into the music industry as an artist b/c you do not make any money from the music you produce or record. You make money in the music through endorsement deals, touring, movie deals, TV deals and appearances, and magazine interviews. The only way you get those is if your music is popular to the masses and your music become popular do to record label promotions and with the promotion that the labels pay for you, you have to cut them a check from a percentage of your total earnings and it’s a hefty percentage.

    Movie: if you are not willing to suck/fuck a producer, director, or agent. Or if you are not related to someone who is or has connections to a producer, director, or agent do not even bother pursuing this career.

    1. You stated some good points, but these wannabe celebs don’t realize that space is limited in some areas in the industry either. That’s another issue that needs to be addressed. There is room for some but not everyone. They are and always will be room for actresses and actors because they are enough different roles and every actress or actor can’t play each one so there is always an other option to go to. In the music game, space is limited. In R&B Rihanna, Beyonce, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown are who the people want to hear. In the rap game Jay, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj are the ones in control. At the end, it’s better to be a producer or a song writer, I wish they would understand that.

      1. I do not understand why more people do not want to work behind the scenes you get the same connections and can potentially make the same if not more than the ones in the public. The only thing you do not get is the public recognition and admiration but I don’t care for that I want the money and success.

      2. They don’t want to work behind the scenes because those people are not in the spotlight. It’s not always about the money, the fame is the main thing that they want and strive for. Everyone wants to be noticed.

  5. Took me fuckin’ forever to sign in…but anyway. I agree with what has been said thus far.

    I am not sure how to take that ‘blogger’ comment but at the same time, I know that I work damn hard everyday so I know I am a real blogger.

    I am sick of these kids who think that just because they open up an account on Tumblr, they are considered a damn blogger.

    You post pictures on a hosted site. A REAL blogger self host his own shit. They spend and invest into their brand and get paid that back plus more.

    It’s about content and quality. Something I had to learn and is still learning.

    It’s worst in the adult industry. Every dude thinks because he has a phat ass or a big dick, he can be the next best thing in the industry. The ones who do make it to the top end up strung out on drugs or delusional (and broke). I am always telling them to start their own sites. Build their fan base and make their own money that way.

    I won’t push someone in the industry but if you are going to do it, DO IT and make ALL of your money.

    It’s all the same in my opinion. Just a bunch of nobodies pretending to be somebodies with champagne dreams and liquor store money..

    I bet you won’t guess where all of these fake gay models/singers/dancers/bloggers/rappers/socialites are moving to…

      1. I respect yours too hence why I fuck with you. You keep it honest and your work is refreshing. It’s like reading a gay version of Essence.

          1. yes it’s classy but edgy. You always know what to say and have your way with words. I swear you need to work on an ebook and sell it. I get it though…

            You know I think the world of you and the blog. I been stanning for it for a minute now..

            Gotta show love and respect when it’s due..

          2. ^not everyone is going to agree with me.
            i don’t expect everyone to like what i like.
            its just respect.
            and countless people have disagreed with me and were respectful.
            that’s all it is.
            i haven’t agreed with some of the things you all have said and i wasn’t going to jump down your throats.
            he is so negative and its sad because he doesn’t come off like an idiot.
            he just likes playing on in these comment boxes.

          3. Maybe he wants attention. if you are SO pretty, WHY do you have to constantly make note of it. You want validation…have a seat bro.

  6. Its a combination of many factors how we have arrived at the sad state of entertainment today.

    First, of course is the internet and relatively easy way that nobodies can become somebodies. These people are relatively attractive both male and females and then they get on social media and get a few fans and then viola’ they have deluded themselves that they are stars. Most black men have to look and be the same size as Wendell Lissimore and Rob Evans to even get their foot through the door of a real modeling agency and the work for black models is scarce to none for the few who do get through the door. Same as for females, you have to be born with those genetics, you cant work out and diet down to them. I know its raggedy out here when you have models who can probably make it big taking their clothes off and doing solo video’s and more ala’ R.L. Bond, I have seen several fitness models in legitimate mags like Men’s Health who do work on the side as nude models or have solo videos, and even Marcus Patrick who was on a Soap Opera, Movies, and commercials stripped down for Playgirl so I know that clearly modeling is not paying the bills but for a scant few. Its like in the entertainment industry, the mantra should be get ready to do something strange for a piece of change.

    Next, you have reality TV, that exploits uneducated, not very media savvy clowns into believing that they have real talent and people are going to love them for being over the top. From the looks of it, we will all have a reality show before its over, even in death now you can get your shine on, on reality TV.

    Finally, the whole entertainment industry is so quick to make a buck and not nurture real talent any more by spending money on promotions, grooming classes etc. So now we have this quick fast food entertainment industry that prop people up on dancing and singing shows with a little talent, so other people with a little talent who are sitting at home thinks- hey this could be me, I can do that too, and family members dont help by not discouraging this foolishness. I always wonder what happen to all the people who tasted the limelight but didnt win on all these shows. I am sure going back to your normal life takes a psychological toll on these people that they can never get over. Who can even name the winners on any of these shows, much less remember the losers.

    When you have good looks mixed with a modicum of talent, combined with low self-esteem, and the need to loved and recognized, you have a dangerous combination. For a lasting career, you are going to have real talent, a little luck, be ambitious beyond belief, work your ass off, and be very smart on the types of things you will and will not do.

    1. ^!!!!!!!!!!
      I know what is about to happen to this comment….

      what is everyone’s opinion about this new rush of stylists?
      everyone gay is a stylist it seems…

      1. Some of them really have an eye for fashion.

        I’ve seen a few on instagram I would love to go shopping with, others need to have a seat.Just because something’s different does not make it stylish.

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