mental homework: (13)

as usual,
i see a comment that makes me stop what i’m doing.
this time it was from tajan in:

I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

everyone left great comments,
but this one was on point when it comes to the industry and everyone wanting to be stars…

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I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

this new generation are all “talented”, aren’t they?
everyone has some talent they want to present to the world.
it is almost becoming sickening.
i swear you can’t meet anyone who isn’t “something”.
i haven’t met the new shot lawyer or extremely talented police officer.
everyone who is black online is coming out with a record,
about to star in a movie,
gay guy is styling everyone and their mama,
big tits and fat ass means you are a model,
has work out training videos…

and whatever else to get 2,000 friends easy.
hell, even being a blogger is over saturated.
i’m not trying to knock dreams,
but are these “starry eyed” goals realistic dreams these days?
remember when people said they were going to be a singer and it was fascinating?
everyone who thinks because they can hair flip on stage,
they are beyonce.
i had to ask…

Is everyone black headed to Hollywood?

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I’m Willing To Suck and Get Fucked To Be A Star

You get your first hit when you get a little bit of attention.
Then, you start craving it more and more.
That high you got the first time…
you need that again and again.
So, you start thinking of ways to get more.
You start selling bits and pieces of your soul.
Then you see others just like you.
What they do starts to take over your mind.
Next thing you know, you are addicted and your mind is completely gone.

FAME can be a horrible drug to overdose on.

I def saw myself wanting to be addicted to FAME at one point.
I craved the 25,000 followers and the attention that came with it.
But in this new day and age,
social media being the way of self expression,
and random people doing the most outrageous things to get seen:


The high that people receive when everyone knows their name is better than any form of weed or cocaine.
But, what happens when FAME starts to take over your mind?
What happens when you start being controlled by FAME?
What happens when you lose your FAME and have to turn social tricks to get it again?
Why does everyone, who are actually no ones, chase FAME?
I started to wonder…

Why is everyone trying to be the STAR?

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