Matt Kemp Does His Chest A Favor and Gets A Tat.

so as you know,
this is matt kemp

well matt decided to pay homage to his grandparents,
especially his late grandfather..

…by getting a tat on his chest….

well i think that is an extremely beautiful gesture.
the tat was done by jun cha,
a renowned artist.
never forgot those who raised you!
good work matt!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Matt Kemp Does His Chest A Favor and Gets A Tat.”

  1. I am under 30 and don’t love tatts but it is a nice gesture if that is what you like. He is still very handsome. Check the genes!!

  2. That is lovely…but I’m gonna have a hard time riding that and looking at his grandparents lol!!

      1. That’s what light switches are made for. If you don’t want to see the tat just cut off the lights. If he got good dick, y’all ain’t gonna see nothing but stars anyway lol.

  3. Matt Kemp is sexy as hell. Rihanna left this to go back to bony Chris Brown? He must really know how to put it down!

      1. Damn who can keep up with this Bajan Queen, she is gonna have a hell of memoir to write by the time she is 30.

  4. She needs to have a seat, by herself. Rih is bouncing around like a basketball, here, there and everywhere. Thats not cute. She really does need to just be by herself for a minute. Maybe work on her career or something.

    1. She’s in her early 20s. What exactly is she supposed to be doing? No one said she’s fucking all of them.

      You know what I find so ironic? The fact that Rihanna is labeled a whore for supposedly dating a handful of men, but Taylor Swift has a different man for each song and it’s seen as “cute”.

      I’m sure you homos “date” more men in a week than Rihanna’s been said to date in her entire career. So, lets not throw stones guys.

      1. We not worried about Taylor Swift, we talking about Rihanna, but if Taylor swift bouncing around too she needs to she needs to calm down too. As for as knowing how many men Rihanna has slept with, WE dont know what she does behind closed doors. She could be having mass orgies with every singer, songwriter, and producer in the industry, or she may not be having sex, we dont know. Im going off the information given, thats all. As for as labeling her a whore, maybe some people do and thats why I made the comment I made because I know that label will be upon her if she keeps going from guy to guy and its not only the gays who are talking, its your straight counterparts. Oh, and you dont know how many men a week us “homos” “date”.

  5. What a turn-off!!!! Having to look at his Grandparent’s distorted picture on his chest, as I plough him with his legs in the air. Nah, it will have to be doggy style from now on!

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