Shaunie O’Neal’s Son Calls Her Man The “F” Word Heard Round the MTO.

beware this story is from mto.
i’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation

..or not?

what is going on in that household???
maybe that is a fake page the son found?

11 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal’s Son Calls Her Man The “F” Word Heard Round the MTO.

  1. Concerning the issue at hand women who brings in guys around their children lose respect for their mother regardless of celeb or not. For one thing it is setting a bad example for either the male/female child(ren). Shaunie has to watch what she is doing, because these are not babies has they are teens to at least 6 yrs. of age. Today, children are more wiser and can pick up on thing much faster. These women can not keep introducing a new man to these kids over and over don’t allow them to even come to your house until they reach a point to where it is safe to introduce them. Most children if the father is in their lives will compare the new man to the father.

  2. I know its hard out here for celebrity women but you really need to stop bringing everybody in your home and around your kids, clearly her son has no respect for this man if this is true, and can probably see that his mom is being used for her money and connections. I peeped this with Kandi Buruss from RHOA, her daughter was very smart and said some eye opening things that seemed like she had more sense than her mom about the man she is currently dating who she has moved in her new home. On another note, she needs to discipline her son because he is still a child and being a public figure you dont need your business out in the streets like this, we have seen enough of this with Michael Jackson kids. Sugar momma Shaunie may want to at least get a man who is 10 years older than her oldest child. This probably stemmed from an unfinished argument when they were playing Playstation 3.

    1. I thought I was the only one side-eyeing Kandi for that. Reality television gives you the impression she’s being dating him for like 2 years when she probably has barely known him for one. You don’t just move your boyfriend in with your child after a few months. I think she’s trying to speed the relationship up because she wants kids soon.

      1. I hear both of you, but I think the timeline for a grown woman is a lot different than a woman in her early 20s. At a point, the reality is not so much “Lets take it slow and see how it works,” as it is “If we’re going to do this, then lets do this because I don’t have time to waste.”

        A woman, for whatever reason (maybe their biological clock) are less patient between the ages of 20 and 40. They get increasingly less patient the closer they get to 40.

        Once they reach 40, they’re more sure about what they want, but aren’t in a rush. So while she may date a man and move him into the home a few months after dating him, there won’t be a turn table of men. She’s more concerned with finding a life partner than any sexual or societal pressures.

      1. Let’s just say ‘SWEET’ tea burning on the stove..

        Her son was being inappropriate for that one…I bet Shaq is somewhere laughing his ass off..

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