Magic Johnson’s Son Steps Out With His Suit, Tie, Fur, Man, and Red Purse

Magic+Johnson+in+Portofino+-lZV4whCaLZlgoes to show how much i know about magic johnson.
i didn’t even know he had a son.
well his son,
earvin johnson III aka ej,
has made headlines over at tmz with this video…

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Matt Kemp Does His Chest A Favor and Gets A Tat.

so as you know,
this is matt kemp

well matt decided to pay homage to his grandparents,
especially his late grandfather..

…by getting a tat on his chest….

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Matt Kemp Dry Humps ESPN Magazine

(that right side shot is very sad.)

I will admit that I was never really a big Matt Kemp admirer.
He was always just okay, imo.
He looked like he would be hijacking the mirror more than any Vixen.
Matt seems to be trying to persuade me to his underlying sexiness.
He did a shoot for ESPN magazine annnnnnnndddd….
See for yourself….

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Matt Kemp Is A Shirtless Shoe Lover

If there is one weakness to Matt Kemp, it’s shopping. We’re not just talking your everyday, garden variety shopping either. Kemp is a power shopper. The way Kemp puts it, Veronica Lodge herself would have a hard time keeping up with him. Barneys? I suggest, knowingly. He nods. “Yeah, that’s one of my favorites.” What section do you beeline for? “Shoes!” he says. It is the singular moment during this interview when Matt Kemp’s eyes sparkle. “Shoes and clothes, man,” he continues. “I like to look nice when I go places. I think we all do for the most part. You want to walk around feeling good about yourself. In the past year-and-a-half, two years, I got into being around fashionable people. I started to enjoy the things that other people I was around enjoyed like clothes and shoes. It’s fun. I think it’s fun to go into a store and try to figure out what to put with some shoes or your outfit or whatever, and rock it.

“I’m like a chameleon, man,” Kemp continues. “I can switch it up. I can one day be wearing some Jordans or nice retro sportswear with some jeans, a shirt, and a hat, and make that look nice. And then I can wear a collared shirt with some RRL jeans.” He goes on to reference Lanvin and YSL.

Sometimes, I offer, do you go too far?

“Sometimes,” Kemp replies. “There’s times. You’ve got to set a little budget for every month or two for yourself. If you go over that budget, it means that you have do less next month. It’s all about saving money. But looking good at the same time.”
What do you like in a girl?

“What do I look for?” he laughs. “I like confident people. I like positive people. Somebody that can make me a better person. Somebody that makes me want to be a better person. Smart. Pretty, of course. Somebody that is close with their family and loves their family just as much as I love my family. Somebody that knows how to dress. It just boils down to being confident and being comfortable in your own skin and the person that you are.”

Somebody that you can go shopping with?

“Definitely,” he says. “Somebody that can help me [shop]. I love looking and seeing what kind of shoes women wear. I think that tells me if a person knows what they’re doing. To me, shoes are…” Kemp trails off. “If I like your shoes, and you’re pretty, that’s a good quality. As well as being confident.”

Source: Flaunt Magazine

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What Do We Think of Matt Kemp?

I know he was bangin’ Rihanna for a little while,
and that is when I first heard of him.
I’m not a baseball Wolf hunter too much so excuse my lateness.
I see EVERYONE ridin’ his dick like he is the finest thing since frog hair.

But my question is….

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