mental homework: (13)

as usual,
i see a comment that makes me stop what i’m doing.
this time it was from tajan in:

I Sing, I Dance, and I Can Make A Man Cum Under 5 Minutes so I’m Headed to Hollywood!

everyone left great comments,
but this one was on point when it comes to the industry and everyone wanting to be stars…

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Rapper Kisses Another Man In New Video. Really Now?

so everyone has NOW started jumping on the bandwagon.
hey, if it took one person to do it….

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The Ambiguously Gay Duo


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Bang Bros

When did these two hook up?

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Hating Their Own Kind


How ironic Long Stroke.
How very ironic of you.

I’ll take a cup of “Hot Scandal” thanks…


Foxes and Wolves,
let’s talk….

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The Answer To The Truth?

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