The Answer To The Truth?


Well I guess this is not a shocker to those who know what go on behind the scenes.
I already heard things about A.I. so this isn’t new info to me…
YOU, my faithful Fox or Wolf, maybe….

These people really need to start carrying around confidentiality agreements.
Or stop fucking with ever mofo with an open hole (or vice versa).


And how is she going to say she loves her “gay friends”
but she throwing FAGGOT all around AND anal sex is only cool for women?

Someone is a dumb bitch.
But thanks for the oil spill.
I hope she don’t slip up and fuck up her money.

Loose lips sink ships.
Ain’t nothing worst than a broke ho with a big mouth.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “The Answer To The Truth?”

  1. That GIF is hilarious!!!! lol. I’ve had those moments. To be honest though, i never thought A.I. was hetero. Something about him… was a bit off. Tranny Chasers are very real. I don’t like fysh who talk like that either. And i still don’t believe they have real reason to be scared their man is a homosexual. There are too many fine str8 boys out there for them to choose from.

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