Don’t Arrest Me Chris Hansen

His cakes is something serious.

I hope he is 18.
WIKI says he is…

My name is not about to be “Jamari Long-Stroke”….

Ben J.

One part of the New Boyz.
They are part of that successful song, “Jerk”.

Yeah, yeah, yeah….
Ben J has a nice ass.




…. and he isn’t bad looking either.

Can’t say I really listen to their music
but I know a cute dude when I see him….

And Ben J,
out the 2,
is the cutest one.

He wouldn’t know how to handle all this good stuff I got.
I’ll let one of my younger Foxes (or Wolves) handle that.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Arrest Me Chris Hansen

  1. WOW. I didn’t know he had an ass like that. I’m very interested now LOL.

    I always thought Legacy was the cutest one out of the two though. His body is AMAZING.

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