Can I Play With Your Joystick?

I don’t mean to brag but,
I am a Mario Kart/Street Fighter champion muthafucka.
No one who has EVER tried to play me has won successfully.

I’m the illy.

when it comes to tryna find that Wolf that I can rock his joystick,
I am not as good as others.

Are video games the same as trying to find love?

I don’t know if my Foxes like playing video games like I do,
but I dooooooooooooooo.
I catch on to most video games fast and once I do,
I make my friends very upset (especially when it comes time to bet).

(Sidenote: I HATE playing video games with sore losers.
Just cause I went in on ya ass,
don’t hate the playa…. hate my game lol

All video games start off with a plot, as you should already know.
You have to go either rescue someone, play a game, or find something.
Either way, you are in this gigantic world searching until the end when you can say you beat it and won.

Same with trying to find someone to call your own.
All these challenges just to find him.
Decoding messages, going above and beyond, and other bullshit just to win.
Playing one on one with someone and trying to out-skill them in order to win.
Some games are easy and others, you get bored and walk away from the controller.

If I had the same skills in playing these video games like I do in finding a Wolf,
I’d probably be unstoppable.
I’d have a reputation as I do with playing these games.

“That muthafucka…”

I hold my video game title up proudly.

I want to WIN the championship called “Love”.

Any challengers?

Later Foxes.

10 thoughts on “Can I Play With Your Joystick?

  1. do you have a PS3 cause i would love to play you in marvel vs capcom 2 with rouge phylock and storm, street fighter rose,cammy, or chun-li. i think i can take you.

  2. This is uncanny! I love Mario Kart, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct.

    I swear Mario Kart is the best game ever.

    Once you get Devin, what’s the first game yall gonna play? Video game that is, Mr. Fox.

    1. See I couldn’t get into Killer Instinct. I remember renting it from Blockbuster for my Super NES (memories) …. and the computer wore me out.

      Hmmm. The first game Devin and I would play is Super Mario Kart for the Wii. I’d have to show him who is boss on them carts! Next, would be Street Fighter anything…. and then we would smooth it down with some Madden.


      Nice foreplay. 😉

  3. Psh, Give my Chun-Li or Toad and you’re winning streak will be over and done with! Like… have a seat! But Video games are definitely not like finding love because video games have reset buttons. Plus you shouldn’t have to play games with men in order to keep them around. If we spend our time trying to see who can come off as the least involved or the most crafty… it’ll result a one way trip to “Game Over.” Guys are not cryptic messages to try and figure out. I think that they’re pretty straight forward. Either they’re into you for the long term or into you for shallow reasons… or they aren’t into you at all.

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