Shim of Shame

remember when Chingy first came out?
He was a cute lil’ thing, wasn’t he?

Chingy been over and he just isn’t having the best one hit wonder ever.



and her at his concert:


She is pretty.
But a fool she is.

What is with her running her snappa trappa?
What is wrong with these new hoes these days?
Straight or gay: why are people just running off at the mouth?

It makes for a good entry but still…

Jamari studied from the old hoes from the past.
I am not afraid to say it out loud.

You know,
the hoes who got a black book full of secrets that is locked away in a vault somewhere in their town house.
Not even thinking about book deals or air time.
They played their position and get the perks of being loyal.

These new school hoes talk WAY too much.

let’s talk….

Chingy wasn’t swimming in dollars anyway but still…

You went from being a semi broke hoe to a broke hoe.
Paid hoes (male or female) never talk.
Ain’t no nigga with major green going to want to fuck with you now.
You had a good thing going and now you about to go fuck with the D/L hood niggas in Chicago.

Rule numero uno in the ho rule book:


Unless the person gave you a life threatening STD,
why are you going on national radio blasting him?
Where is the logic?

Pretty girl; dumb move.

People need to STOP trying to achieve INSTANT fame
and start thinking long term….

“What can I get out of all of this?”
“Will I be taken seriously after this nut?”
“My foot is in the door fucking with ________, so what the game plan?”
“Do I want to just be a jumpoff or can I get this nigga to get me some connects in the industry?”
“This ass and mouth isn’t free so, what can I get in exchange for my services?”
“Am I really feeling this dude and is he feeling me?”

Do I only think like this?
I guess so.

Later Foxes.