Take This Video Game and Call Me In The Morning

a friend of mine gave me this video game recently:

PS2CoverSheet108it is the most intense game i ever played.
it literally brings you in and makes you it’s bitch.
from solving puzzles,
fighting bad guys,
and killing you wolves…
it is a non stop action ride.
aside from my heart racing while playing,
it was also doing something to me i never experienced before…

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She… is Playing Catwoman? I Can’t!

Michelle Pfeiffer was the perfect Catwoman, damnit!

She, imo, embodied the role perfectly after Eartha Kitt.
I remember being young seeing Batman Returns,
but I always remembered Michelle as femme fatale, Selina Kyle.

The Dark Knight Rises comes out in less than a month…
and I’m still mad they casted…

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Can I Play With Your Joystick?

I don’t mean to brag but,
I am a Mario Kart/Street Fighter champion muthafucka.
No one who has EVER tried to play me has won successfully.

I’m the illy.

when it comes to tryna find that Wolf that I can rock his joystick,
I am not as good as others.

Are video games the same as trying to find love?

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