A Smashing Success


I’m talking to my Wolves right now.
Meet me over in Sector 9 of the Foxxhole space craft.

We have to talk.

I absolutely HATE when a grown man says:

“Why does it always have to be about sex?”

What century was this idiot born in?
And who is he trying to fool with that stupid talk?

Stop it NOW.

You obviously do not know who you are talking too.

Men are conditioned to want to fuck. It is in our nature to want to hunt and conquer.
Men have found sex from the neighbor down the hall, the sexy person at our job, or even someone’s parent (cough nasty).


I hate when you meet a dude and he has this “act” on.
You know, he is the all American good guy.
Respectable, returns your phone calls, and realizes your worth.
He likes to watch CNN and sometimes he will turn on Oprah.
You fall for it and then he hits you with:

“Yo, I’m tryna chill.
Come over and smoke/watch a movie/hang out.”

…. and we are doing this alone.
Not even two dates in and you tryna invite me over.

Now you know,
and I know,
we are going to play naked Twister in an hour or two….
and then,
you are gonna keep fuckin’ me (cause it will b good)…
and then, Ima politely fall into JUMPOFF mode until you find “the one”.

… so why even play that game?

Is it in the Wolf handbook to not be honest?

I would respect the man who will be honest with me rather
than the man who plays “Little Red Riding Wood“.

And it usually those “intelligent” types that try to play “I’m looking for a wife” when they are really looking for a whore.
And I have no problem being your whore,
if you are honest and straight up.
Those same “types” are always still single as they preach.
Why is that?
Should be a major clue….

there are some men who are genuinely honest about how they get down.
I applaud them no matter how much feelings they hurt.
You can call them all kind of names BUT a liar.

If you looking like this in your default picture:

… and you are preaching bible scriptures and quotes of the day,
I’m going to know you are full of shit.
You put that picture up to tease the viewers eyeballs,
don’t get mad when some Fox pulls your balls and wants some dick.

… and I will make it my Foxy effort to:

Taunt you,
Tease you,
and sleaze you.

I like games but not when they insult my intelligence.


do NOT get fooled by the okey dokey.

Love ya Wolves.


3 thoughts on “A Smashing Success

  1. Well if you honestly do not get down with sex like that after first meeting, there is no problem…just be honest as you mentioned above in your post because most of them just want to drop hints and not flat out say it to you.

  2. As a 27 y/o wolf, with no potential foxes on the horizon, I’m finding my ‘hunt and conquer’ instinct depleting. I think it may be an issue of supply/demand. When I was a 17 year old college freshman, I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants, with a campus full of fellow freshman wanting to try something new. But as I’ve grown more mature, and more selective, I’ve found the pickings to be slim. And if I were to ever say that “Why does it always have to be about sex,” I’m being honest. But I probably won’t be saying that since its been about a year since I fucked a dude, and a week since I jacked off:-) So instead of spending time on BGC looking for the next hookup, I’ve devoted most of my spare time to my work, making [legal] money on the side, and educating myself by reading more (NYT, WSJ, The Economist, Jonathan Franzen’s new book), watching CNN/MSNBC, and yes, occasionally watching Oprah. Maybe if I moved to a bigger city (NYC, DC, ATL), that would rekindle my instinct.

    I’m not sure if my reply was appropriate to this particular post. Everything that I wrote was true, I just wanted to let everyone know that Martha Stewart (I love that bitch) was on Oprah today.



    1. I really enjoyed your response Rashad. It touched me and made me think. Moving to a new city may rekindle but it may also make you a wild Wolf, since there is different things for different taste.

      Keep your head up, as we all are!


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