Rapper Kisses Another Man In New Video. Really Now?

so everyone has NOW started jumping on the bandwagon.
hey, if it took one person to do it….

rapper murs,
who i done never heard of,
did a pro-gay video called “animal style”
(sounds real foxhole. i love it…)
where he plays a down low high school student who dates another.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwTSPcNSi40]

he got him a snow fox.
…but, a deep video.
very depressing tho.

lowkey – murs is straight.
he did the video to make a point.
i won’t like and say i don’t smell a shit storm coming.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Rapper Kisses Another Man In New Video. Really Now?”

  1. The video was awesome. It told a very deep story that is REAL life and it got people talking.

    Frank Ocean didn’t start the movement but he definitely got it going full speed.

    At least people are talking about it.

  2. I’ve never heard of him, but I will give him points for doing the video to prove a point. Now if Ludacris, Drake, Lil Wayne, or Busta did this, it would be a big deal.

  3. Le sigh…next Jay and Kanye will come out with a gay version of Watch the Throne. The hip hop powers that be are turning this into some sort of fad.

  4. The video and topic was actually crazy, and kept me interested from beginning to end.. What I’m really concerned about is how the other blogs are making an issue of hip hop turning “gay”, and perpetuating the homophobia… I feel like this is one mans attempt at saying that he empathizes with the LGBT community, and I personally respect and appreciate that. Because while the other more mainstream rappers are making an issue about it, or have nothing to say because they don’t want the media hail storm, who do you think is styling them, doing their make up, shopping for them, decorating their homes, doing their artwork, and choreographing their videos? The gays, everybody knows and loves at least one, do to be against it is foolish!

  5. Listen up let me say something now, because i know i’ll be quoted later:

    Gay/homosexuality will become very mainstream and intergrated into every day amaerican life, there will be a gay president, gy hip hop artists etc and each one will come out and every one will support them as “loving themselves ” and not “hiding their expressions” and being true to their “art” etc. So many rappers will come out and join the fad, soon, being straight will be “old school” it will be gay, experimental or simply bixsexual , that is the norm now it is only hidden.

  6. I remember Murs. He’s actually a really good artist. Pretty big on the West Coast. Don’t particularly care for this song, but the message is important.

  7. Powerful Message, This is what music should be like, it should make sense. Now days rapping is all about punch lines, tell a story.

  8. It was a little jumbled, but I got the gist of his message; I kinda liked it. Especially since the rapper isn’t gay.

  9. Okay great rap but the video really didn’t fit it. Any gay an that DL would never kiss or hold hands with a dude in public. And he wouldn’t be in a “relationship.” More likely he would be fucking dudes in cruise spots. To be doing the things the black guy is doing in the video requires a certain amount of self acceptance.

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