I Can Promise You The World Only If You Cum With Me.

look at you.
ya broke.
your bills are due.
you can’t even afford to eat.
you keep praying and no break through.
look around and see all your peers.
they are like little robots.
money, cars, and hoes – thats all a nigga knows.
but, someone comes along.
he seems trusting.
he says he will make all your dreams come true.
you won’t be hungry no more.
your money will always be long.
and, you will have all the dick/ass your heart desires.
he turns on the television and there you are.
you are now a role model to the kids.
you have a nice home and living a different life than you are now.
you look at him and cry.
yes, that’s you.

…just as long as you sign here:

al b sure,
a popular singer in the 90s and father to quincy combs (whose other father is sean combs),
wrote something the other day on his facebook.
no lie, it was a little scary.
i wanted to start a prayer circle.
peep it:

Important Read: I want to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I appreciate the consistent love from you over the years musically and all else. I am originally a hustler from the streets of Mt. Vernon from very humble beginnings, a loving Mom who made sure I went in 100 % on all and made something of the music craft that Ive loved dearly. I thank you for sharing it with me over the years. I am just a human being, not perfect but loves hard and appreciates all the God has allowed to happen in my life. Even my enemies, specifically the Wealthy ones that can’t help but be jealous of me and even the Broke ones that have entered my life with ulterior motives which are most because of my trusting, giving spirit and willingness to help everyone wether they deserved it or not. From getting artists record deals and them selling millions of records to helping those from being put out into the street or feeding them when they claim they have no food and I ask for nothing. Ive come to find out that there are someone very jealous and “Bad” people out here that you all know, love & worship at times that are so jealous of me and doing some very Bad things to me like stalking my place of rest and even faking as if they are workers for major cable companies etc. we all are getting the hint by now. They’ve have also gotten to people closest to me (X’s, co workers, Fakers and plants) by playing games, threatening them to kill them 1st if the turn them in, and or paying them money if they can get me to show up by telling me they are in need and seeing if I’ll drop everything to help, as well as offering them things they can’t refuse in their desperate lives which makes them complete trash when they accept. They’ve even gone as far as getting them implants, devices and cameras watching me at home and to follow me around and they communicate and feed them lines by walkie talkies to try and set me up etc. Even renting a place in my neighborhood. The best part of why God is so amazing is that I now know exactly who the idiot(s) are and the fake alias’ all are and I wish them all God Speed. So FYI: If I (Al B. Sure! Aka Al Brown is found DEAD please contact my attorney Author Aaronson and he will have all of the information on everyone including their own closets emptied out and the main culprit “funding it” all. I will share who the key players are with you so as I said if I am found DEAD you will know the who what shortly after. Since they seem to think that it’s a joke or that I am f**king joking we will find out who’s really from Mt. Vernon and not faking it. As I said “Continue to F*** with a hungry, wounded animal in the woods with nothing to lose and you will eventually get eaten… All involved and my favorite Bohdi Bear Rest in Peace…to my Sons, I love you severely! ABS!!!


sounds like someone is about to be a sacrifice.
now, i use to think this shit was crazy…
but the deeper you go into entertainment and politics,
the more things get a little… bloody.
even joss stone talked about buying her soul back…

read about joss stone soul buying back here

everyone on tv, sports, radio, movies, and politics had to do it.
even some popular black hair/beauty owners and bloggers sold their soul once they saw dollars.
you ever wonder why someone extremely talented is struggling,
yet some bimbo (man/woman) who could barely sing is at the top of the charts?
you ever saw someone start their career in one direction,
and then go completely left field into popularity?
you ever watch someone who could have had it all completely fall into an abyss of failure?

i’m sure they all said:

“hell naw not me!”

… at one point of their lives.
everyone sits on a high horse, didn’t you know?
but, you don’t know what someone will do when they are completely desperate.
when money is not coming in and they have no means to survive.
you don’t know what it is like to be a struggling singer/rapper/actor and watch everyone make it.. but you.
even these attention whores are selling their souls for some followers on social media.
you know the procedure.
take your shirt off and become famous online.

don’t ever fix your lips to think otherwise.

so where do you stand?

i’m opening up you to your wildest dreams.
i promise to keep you that you will never be poor again.
you are now with the “cool kids“.
you don’t ever have to worry about anything… again.
all you need to do is put your john hancock…


Would you sign?

she did.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “I Can Promise You The World Only If You Cum With Me.”

    1. ^its scary,
      but it is a reality amongst the entertainment world.
      even in politics.
      hell, even at our jobs in our everyday lives.
      so you should comment.
      be real.

      would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?

  1. You know I didn’t believe in the Illuminati (or the secret society) but the more bizarre, unexplained,and unsolved) incidents that happens, the more I question what’s really going on in this world.

    These ‘celebrities’ are definitely selling their souls. There is SO much we don’t know (or not suppose to know about).

  2. More than likely, I think in the case of Al B Sure that he’s suffering from bipolar disorder. It may or may not be diagnosed; but based on my experience and some key points in his letter, I think it’s clear that he is bipolar or something similar. We should pray that he seek medical assistance.

  3. Sounds more like paranoid schizophrenia. Or perhaps a nervous breakdown or side effects of drug abuse, which can cause paranoia.

  4. Eh…

    It’s not a secret society if everyone knows about it.

    Wealthy and powerful elites make the most bank when society is distracted and controlled, not when society is quickly descending into chaos. Whatever group was running the world from the late 70’s to early 2000’s has dissolved or disbanded.

    Al B Sure needs a Chinese glass door. Half the people already think he is dead and the rest would be confused during the memorial performance (or bootleg PowerPoint presentation) at the EBT Awards.

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