Al B Sure Leaks His Own Leakage

mi0001369056i don’t know much about al b sure besides;

being one of first light skins pioneers in r&b
quincy is a good copy of his daddy

well a vix-bi sent me al b sure leaking his own leakage.
the place?
of course…
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I Can Promise You The World Only If You Cum With Me.

look at you.
ya broke.
your bills are due.
you can’t even afford to eat.
you keep praying and no break through.
look around and see all your peers.
they are like little robots.
money, cars, and hoes – thats all a nigga knows.
but, someone comes along.
he seems trusting.
he says he will make all your dreams come true.
you won’t be hungry no more.
your money will always be long.
and, you will have all the dick/ass your heart desires.
he turns on the television and there you are.
you are now a role model to the kids.
you have a nice home and living a different life than you are now.
you look at him and cry.
yes, that’s you.

…just as long as you sign here:

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Quincy Combs Wants You To Stay A While

I did not know he could sing…
I never found him cute,
but I’m sure the preteen Vixens will eat this up…

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