I Told Him, “If I Had A Pu$$y, He Could Beat My Shit Into A Coma”.

that fox root.

the potent spell that works on the straightest of Wolves.
even ones in relationships get turned out.
one sniff and they are overwhelmed.
can’t stop thinking about you.
need you in their life for the cure.

the only problem with the root is that it is so strong,
it often scares them too…

i’m not feeling good today.
i usually cook my food and prepare good meals from scratch.
i decided to eat some fast food.
number 1.
big mac.
large fries.
large raspberry iced tea.
fucked me right up.
they are right about keeping shit out your system.

i was doing a lot of texting today.
didn’t feel like using my vocals.
well, once but that was a catch up for 3 hours.

i was texting my straight wolf last night at like 2 in the morning.
he was having a “i’m depressed” issue along with some shit about a vixen.
we talked about all kinds of shit.
he dropped hints on me.
i fell asleep on him.
i got bored after a while.

i decided to clean up my room just now and i get this:

“if i was gay, i’d wife you up.”

oh, is that right?
followed by:

“you are a real dude.”
“realest nigga i know.”
“and this happens to be why i fuck with you.”
“your always honest with a nigga.”
“even if i fuck up and you come at my neck, i listen to what you spit.”
“your shit always be on point.”
“…but the fact you fuck with niggas keeps my guard up.”
“i wish you wasn’t gay.”

i keep trying to tell ya’ll i’m a problem.
and i’m not even fuckin these niggas!

i gave him a thank you and aww thats sweet.
i hit him with:

“if i was a chick, i’d let your stupid ass lock me down tho.”
“i know you would provide a good life for me.”
“plus i’m sure you would beat my pussy into a coma.”

followed by a quick “lol“.
what i wanted to say, i know i couldn’t.
but i said that to get into his mind.
i’m evil.
i put my phone down and continued cleaning.
my room now has better energy in it.
he will not make me want him.
i will not fall victim.

he is currently blowing up my phone.
this is another way the fox root works.
ignore them.

where is my wolf who isn’t playing these fucking games?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “I Told Him, “If I Had A Pu$$y, He Could Beat My Shit Into A Coma”.”

  1. Jamari best advice I can give to you is to let it go. Your head will spin trying to read between the lines and intepret signals from a faux wolf. There are plenty of wolves in the jungle. Chasing could be wolves is time consuming. Just leave it as is and move on. Are you currently dating?

  2. Just the debate makes my head hurt. I just had to tell myself the other day: “I will not go out of my way to sway this dude!” He knows where you stand. If he wanted to bad enough he’d go there. But he hasn’t. So leave him alone, keep itall in perspective and don’t give too much. Personally I’m tired of trying lol jamari and I have the same issue. We like straight men. (I don’t know where the hell that “are we foxes attracted to eachother” comment came from because I am not. I know a man when I see one.) And I’ve learned recently..if a guy is gay or curious he’s gonna try me once given the opportunity to get to know me. Not tryna toot my own horn but I haven’t come accross one that hasn’t. If he doesn’t he probably isnt. This dude obviously is or would, just playin games. Let him play them by himself.

  3. Alot of psychology here! I think “… but the fact that you fuck with niggas keeps my guard up” is the MOST telling! This line is more about him that it is about you being gay! He is saying that he doesn’t want to get closer to you because he is scared of what he may be feeling and what may be there! He seems to be a man who identifies as straight until he met a dude who is a genuine friend and who is emotionally available to him!

    He could be confusing the emotional closeness and friendship that you too have as a romantic thing when it’s not or it could actually be romantic feelings on his end that as him scared because most male-male friendships are superficial (hoes, cars, sports talk) and lack emotional depth and care taking for each other.

    But what is clear is that his close friendship with another male is knew to him because most women emotionally care take for men and not other men in relation to straight males. Women and gay men are much more likely to confide and be vulnerable with each other than heterosexual male-male friendships.

    …Sexuality is fluid and complicated! You may have awaken feelings that were latent in his spirit! Your energy does something to him and it has him perplexed.

  4. Jamari to me it sounds like he wants your foxtail because straight guys don’t make comments like that and he is thinking of you as wife material to me he sounds like he get down and if he doesn’t he is sure as hell close

    1. ^im tired of playing the “guessing game” with him.
      he will be reduced to friend.
      I need a wolf with his convo and bigger balls, Young.

      1. Yes I feel you on that Jamari never do the guessing game stuff cause that is not a good look and it wastes your precious time that can be used on something or someone more productive

    2. I think Young Fox is on to something. Don’t know how long he’s known you and/or how long he’s known you were gay, but sounds like brother man might be extending oh so subtle feelers. I bet he has his “straight” antenae all the way out, scrutinizing all of your comments. I loved the way you responded to him. Never ever let a straight dude think you’re head over heels for him. I think most think we want them. Even when I encounter one that is super fine, my pride keeps me from playing into that stereotype. But, it is cool that you can have such a great friendship with the straight brother. That’s possible when both parties are comfortable in their respective skin.

      You said he had a girlfriend. Out of curiosity, were he to make an undeniable play for you — tell you he wanted to try it with you — would you oblige?

      1. ^i don’t think I would.
        two outcomes.
        he is cool and he is really drawn to me.
        we would have the best sex of my life…
        … And he would pull away.


        i will turn him the fuck out,
        put a freak on him he isn’t use to with vixens,
        And he becomes clingy.

        this is exciting how it is.
        we do anything and it may go to far.

  5. I think dude is straight Jamari, sorry. Now this is a true case of a straight guy who is comfortable around his gay friend. If he wanted you he know he could have you, it’s that simple. Most downlow dudes exhibit a lot of suspect behavior, but they never talk to you about it, like that co-worker Wolf you used to work with. They drop hint after hint, but they never speak with their words, just actions. Guys like that are never that straight forward like this guy here. When he hit you with that “I wish you weren’t gay” card I knew he was truly staright.

    You’ll find the Wolf you’re looking real soon, it’s coming man.

      1. Ok that’s the same as saying, “I would kiss you if I didn’t have a boyfriend.” Traslate; “The fact that I’m in a committed relationship is why I won’t kiss you.”

        No offense, but it sounds to me you’re seeing what you want to see, which a I’m sure a lot of dudes in this life do because they get excited when they feel a guy is interested because he shows 1 sign. I’ve never done that. I’m not down with that because niggas get hurt like that. Now if dude did suspect behavior all the time, that’s different.

        What you just wrote; “if I was gay, if wife you?” is the only thing you saw.

        Here’s what I saw.

        “but the fact you fuck with niggas keeps my guard up. i wish you wasn’t gay.”
        Translate; “I don’t want to get too close to you because you like men and I’m not down with that.” Dude has his guard up.

        If you really want to know ask him, but don’t get upset if he gets mad at you tho. The worst thing a gay guy could do is push up on his straight friend.

        If I thought he was feeling you, I would tell you as usually do.

        1. ^im not seeing what I want to see tho.

          This is the same wolf I sexted one time.
          This is the same wolf that told me how handsome I was.
          This is the same wolf who had a queen trying to get at him and he sent me a message saying if I was to fuck with a nigga, it wouldn’t be a queen.
          Then told me to “read between the lines.”
          This is the same wolf who gets real sentimental at just random moments.
          I’m not even doing anything.
          I’m not trying to turn him out.
          It just happens.

          He strikes me how I see Frank Ocean.
          He fucks females,
          But likes the intimacy of a dude.

      2. See you didn’t say that in the initial post. You had me thinking that he made that one comment and that was it. Straight guys don’t say and do stuff like what you just listed.

        1. ^yeah lol
          i have written about him before.
          we have known each other for 2 years.
          he was actually really mean and I thought he didn’t like me.
          I had to put him in check for being a real asshole and he has been drawn to me since.

          we don’t speak often,
          but when we do,
          it is always some kind of scenario.
          It’s annoying Man.

  6. Alright Jamari, you better work that magic! just leave him with a lil dignity lmao.

      1. i LOVE it when gay dudes brag about simple “straight” friends they have. it’s like.. anybody who isn’t gay with them is lowkey, dl, curious or something.

        plus you follow it up and tell him fucking doesn’t have to the the first step, there’s the “rumor” that gay dudes give the best head, etc. you know you want a dick down your throat author.

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