The Constant Bullshit That Is Joe Budden

Isn’t that the face of an fine ass angel?
Nice complexion.
The voice of all that is sex.
Joe Budden is definitely an angel….

Well according to not 1, but 4 girlfriends, he is the devil incarnate.

What are we going to do with you, dude?
Do we need to tuck you in at night? 

I had a crush on Joey B ever since I saw him in Pump It Up.
His voice is enough to have you wake up out your sleep.
I would have definitely let him Pump Me Up… 

Joey dated a slew of video vixens over the years,
(Tahiry, Gloria Velez, and Somaya Reece)
but his recent is the lovely and tata-licuous Esther Baxter:

It seems like they have broken up now and the mud slinging has begun.

What a perfect way to show your hate to an ex is through 140 words on Twitter!

Joey claims that Esther was getting her back blown out by Derrick Ward of the Houston Texans all while she still was with Joe Budden…


Esther claims otherwise,
even though Joey is twitpic’n pictures of the pregnancy tests.


all shit for Maury.

The problem with Joey, imo, is he is insecure.
This is the fourth female he has thrown under a bus that he has dated.
Joey has issues that he seriously needs to work on.
Plus, let’s not mention that he is pretty much BROKE.
I bet the dick must taste like candy cane and lays into the pussy right…
…because I wouldn’t have been dealing with some broke rapper.

Instead of chasing Vixens,
he needs to start chasing dollars.
He is way to talented to be as low as he is.

I hope they get this shit together and shut the fuck up.
I feel like he should remake “Not Gon’ Cry” for his next mixtape. 

Maybe Joey needs to not blame these girls…
and start blaming himself.
It is easier to throw stones at others while we hide in glass houses.

Something to think about.


2 thoughts on “The Constant Bullshit That Is Joe Budden

  1. He tends to have some really depressing lyrics. I always figured he wasnt all the way there mentally. But he’s not really relevant on the rap scene after pump it up. Mix tapes are cute but they don’t always pay the rent.

    Esther is a really pretty fysh tho. If she’s fuckin’ athletes…. good for her!

    1. i agree.
      joey could fuck me from sun up to sun down,
      but i need him to get a steady job.
      he should already have like 5 albums out at least gold.

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