The Gaze of A Wolf That Wants You

I caught this video on Youtube on accident and I figured something out.
I guess God led me to that video for this entry.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have had Wolves look at me like this.
It is always from those Wolves that were interested, but I never knew…
…or was too shy to try and figure out.

Deep in my eyes.
Eyes softened.
Almost like a gaze.
Licking of the lips.
It’s that “spark”.
One that at the time made me so nervous because I felt it….

Exactly like this…


It’s that look he is giving her.

From Fox to Vixen…
If he is looking at you like THAT
You got him.

Try it out with a Wolf that maybe interested in you.
You can tell when some one is attracted to you than “WTF YOU STARING AT?“.
It may be overwhelming at first, but try to keep eye contact.
Smile, the look away, then look again.

If he locks with eyes with you to continue…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Gaze of A Wolf That Wants You”

  1. Clocking wolves, or foxes is a lil off with me. Its just hard trying to tell if dude is interested or just being nice. I think that ive missed out on some meat. I need to be schooled cause im failng in that class lol. Jamari you need to have class for us foxes and wolves too.

    1. Well ill say this…
      If a Wolf looks at you the way he was looking at that Vixen – he gets down.
      I have had Wolves look at me like that.
      You can tell he is interested because when he gazes at you,
      His eyes soften and his face lights up.

      It use to make me so nervous because I couldn’t believe what I was feeling inside.
      It lead to me being intimidated and “bye bye meat”

      I am sure I could have fucked some fine ass dudes if I knew then what I know now…

  2. Gimmeny Christmas!!!! Am i the only one still on HER MAN!?!?! GOOD LORD HE IS EVERYTHING!!! Ridiculously fine and masculine guy who knows miscellaneous details about you and brags about being “The Best Boyfriend Out There”??? COME ON!! How do you land that??? Can i get one??

    But yeah, the 3 second stare is usually a give away. Most men won’t do it unless they’re REALLY interested. Many will just glance, take note of you, and then look away. The difference is you have to acknowledge the star with a smile or nod. A simple “How you doin’?” usually works well do. You have to really pay attention to the men in your immediate surroundings to catch it.

  3. I agree w/everyone — they’re both sexy; I’d keep either one (or both). And that look? Anytime someone looks at you like that…yeah, that’s hunger/want/need/desire and more all wrapped up together.

  4. This made me smile inside out! He’s so into her and you can tell they have great sex. I’m with UrSoVain on this one. Gimme some of that…

    1. i really liked that too rock.
      it made me feel so good inside.
      i really want “that” and it is coming soon…
      …but impatient of sitting thru all these trailers of others love lives.

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