X Marks The F0x: Breezy Makes A Sex Tape…?

Chris Brown. Chris Brown. Chris Brown.

One of my favorite people to talk about.
He has always found himself  in everyone’s mouth…

…but in this new supposed video,
he has found himself in someone’s Foxhole.

Do you think this is Chris Brown?


Now, I saw this same tape a couple years ago.
I think it was on Peepmyporn.com or one of those erotic literature sites.
You couldn’t see the faces clearly, but you did see the movement.
I think, if I can remember, I didn’t like it because it was choppy.
The Wolf was beatin it down from what I remember.

Chris Brown just recently started getting tattoos.
But, why would he tape himself fucking a Fox?
Vixen, maybe.
But, then again, anything is possible…
There have been rumors swirling about Andre Meritt and him for years.
I wouldn’t put it past Breezy to want to dip his pen in every ink. 

First the dick pic.
Que the impromptu sex tape….
… but still has the top selling album to date.

Is Breezy having the best rumors ever?

remember this?


10 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: Breezy Makes A Sex Tape…?

  1. bla bla bla he gay he aint gay… as long as he happy and doin him i can give 2 shits from 2 dogs. was it me or does the pic look and dont look like him

  2. The face does not look like it matches the rest of the body. Someone is pressed!

    1. I don’t even recall those 2 even being masculine on the video when I peeped it.
      From what I remembered,
      it looked like 2 queens being lesbians.

  3. It would not bother me if it was Chris Brown; there are more important things than who someone is sleeping with. It is my hope that Chris Brown develops a lasting relationship. I guess my views are changing as I hit 20 now.

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