f0xmail: I’m Trapped In New Yawk. Help!


Hey Jamari, I first off want to say I looooooove your blog! its super inspirational and very realistic. Your blog gets me through a lot and I thank you so much for staying strong through time times. Your part of the reason why I look at life differently (in a positive way). I will definitely follow you on any adventure in life you decide to endure on. Now what I wanted to know is…

Why the concrete jungle?
why not another state?
Meet new people, new environment, wolves, etc.

The reason I’m asking is because I am a born and raised NY native. I feel I need a change. I left my job because I didn’t have a passion for it and I was very well ok I have a job no need to look for another. Im 25 and why people think I should be in Fashion I don’t see myself styling or designing anything lol and its a very competitive business as well as one of the most sought out careers nowadays.  I would do fashion but the business part of it. At times I just feel down on where to start and then theres my social life Lol. What bae? and What friends? lol I know people from all over come to NY for a fresh start, am I not realizing the “Greats” in this city? I am a big believer in “Not leaving something great to find better but end up with worst”.

Any advice for a standstill fox? loll


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Trapped In The Den of Baggage

261574_11170547_lzyour fox den.
your safe haven.
it could be your room or within yourself.
usually foxes go deep underground during the winter months.
when summer rolls around,
you come up and roam the forest freely.
summer is also when all the other animals,
especially wolves,
are out and about.
its usually comfortable down deep in your den.
just like its comfortable down deep within your insecurities
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Time Ran Out The Day After Tomorrow So It Created The Perfect Storm

it’s funny.
when faced with a potential national disaster coming to wipe out the east,
you start to think about life and survival.
you stop thinking about the trivial things that could pass within a few hours.
even a day.
those little issues that really mean shit.
you really start thinking about what will happen if shit really goes wrong.
the “category 7” in your life that could wipe you out.
like those suspense thrillers starring some snow bunny who saves the world.
she pressed some button on a tower and it was day light.

it all becomes a reality.

we spend a lot of time chasing love, pipe, and other things.
our biggest purchase to our name is 1,000 loafers,
but when some big shit happens we are totally un-prepared.
we have nothing to fall back on.
those same wolves we chase/fucked are not there.
they don’t even have their shit together either.
we burned so many bridges that we have no one to call.
it’s just “us“.
you against the world… and a big ass storm.

i started to wonder…

Who will really rescue us when we fall?

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The Gaze of A Wolf That Wants You

I caught this video on Youtube on accident and I figured something out.
I guess God led me to that video for this entry.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have had Wolves look at me like this.
It is always from those Wolves that were interested, but I never knew…
…or was too shy to try and figure out.

Deep in my eyes.
Eyes softened.
Almost like a gaze.
Licking of the lips.
It’s that “spark”.
One that at the time made me so nervous because I felt it….

Exactly like this…

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