Time Ran Out The Day After Tomorrow So It Created The Perfect Storm

it’s funny.
when faced with a potential national disaster coming to wipe out the east,
you start to think about life and survival.
you stop thinking about the trivial things that could pass within a few hours.
even a day.
those little issues that really mean shit.
you really start thinking about what will happen if shit really goes wrong.
the “category 7” in your life that could wipe you out.
like those suspense thrillers starring some snow bunny who saves the world.
she pressed some button on a tower and it was day light.

it all becomes a reality.

we spend a lot of time chasing love, pipe, and other things.
our biggest purchase to our name is 1,000 loafers,
but when some big shit happens we are totally un-prepared.
we have nothing to fall back on.
those same wolves we chase/fucked are not there.
they don’t even have their shit together either.
we burned so many bridges that we have no one to call.
it’s just “us“.
you against the world… and a big ass storm.

i started to wonder…

Who will really rescue us when we fall?

i am prepared.
i had a little money so i bought food and essentials.
i have a ton of water.
i didn’t like that i wasn’t as “ready” as i should be.
i use to have a job.
a “job”.
now, i’m stuck and desperately looking for something to keep me a float.
when you are basically surviving by god’s grace,
you start to ask yourself if you went wrong somewhere?
did you miss a road that could have taken you to the suburbs?
or, did i make a wrong turn and end up in the hood?

this is why i’m not as excited to meet wolves.
i’m not where i need to be.
i’m not feeling “sexy”.
i don’t feel sexy when i have bills to pay and scrapping pennies to pay them.
i can’t enjoy a temporary high of a dick inside me,
when i’m on a permanent search to be in a better place.
i don’t like that.
i don’t like feeling “doomed”.
i’m in a disaster movie called, “When Time Ran Out“.
…. and i still thought about having some wolf off jack’d be here to bang me out until wednesday.

life has a weird way of letting you know your shit is NOT together.

with the economy in the toilet,
picking the right president is imperative,
and your well being a gigantic “question mark”….
how do we “get it together“?
should we even be looking for “someone” when we don’t even know who we are?
or where we are yet?
these days,
“someone” is only bringing a quick gratification.
a itch that needs to be scratched…
and something to be cured by a pill.
but once you have fucked in every position known to the kama sutra,
he becomes bored; you try harder.
he cheats; you are confused.
he’s gone; your alone.
he’s broke; you are too.
then, you see your life is not where it needs to be.
you see you are stuck until you meet someone to make you feel better again.
when it comes to our lives…

Are we creating the perfect storm?

everyone who lives on the east,
please take care and be safe!
hurricane sandy is looking like a real bitch.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Time Ran Out The Day After Tomorrow So It Created The Perfect Storm”

  1. amen! this storm is letting me know my shit realllllllly isnt where it need to be. i hope this is just some hyped up storm and nothing serious happens

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