austin wolf banged the common sense out a delta airlines flight attendant

austin wolf

folks will jeopardize their whole lives for sex.
so the following story a foxholer sent me made me shake my head.
im gonna need the f-bi on the hunt too.
so porn star wolf,
austin wolf,
is in a scandal that he won’t receive much blow back.
his latest is taking,
what seems to be regulars in amateur videos,
and shows them a good time on his penis.
as this story goes,
he met up with a delta airlines flight attendant.
he decided to bang him in the airplane bathroom.
the tape leaked and all hell has broken loose via “the daily mail”
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Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone

tumblr_m69nenZACd1qbom0uo1_1280you’ll be surprised what wolf would date you.
sometimes what they say they want isn’t what they end up with.
this is how i felt when k michelle admitted today she was dating idris elba.
8 months!
i was personally trying to figure out how she got him to direct that vh-1 special.
well it was time for her to cum clean.
she spilled all the beans on the breakfast club this morning…
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foXXX: Hard Pipe Over Diarrhea Splatter

tumblr_mtdl0862p51rfou0fo1_r1_1280would you have sex in the club over a toilet that looks like that?
well these two crazy ratchets did at oz nightclub in st. louis!
check it out (kinda sorta nsfw and 18^):

x click here to see ratchet at it’s finest

when you’re horny all logic goes out the window?
or down the toilet in this case.
i think she was drunk and they met for the first time.
just a hunch.
well on the positive…

he was tearin it up with a condom on.
on the negative…
i think ima be sick.


Justin Bieber Banging Alleged Whores and Transgenders In Brazil?

tumblr_muo98rSZfk1ryc6kco1_250justin bieber has been a bad boy.
ever since he started hanging with the blacks,
his whole swagg has done a 180.
well beibz went to brazil and decided he wanted to smash a “hooker”.
i mean all the boys smash hookers in brazil.
who knew the whores in brazil are just as trifling about privacy as in america…
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Time Ran Out The Day After Tomorrow So It Created The Perfect Storm

it’s funny.
when faced with a potential national disaster coming to wipe out the east,
you start to think about life and survival.
you stop thinking about the trivial things that could pass within a few hours.
even a day.
those little issues that really mean shit.
you really start thinking about what will happen if shit really goes wrong.
the “category 7” in your life that could wipe you out.
like those suspense thrillers starring some snow bunny who saves the world.
she pressed some button on a tower and it was day light.

it all becomes a reality.

we spend a lot of time chasing love, pipe, and other things.
our biggest purchase to our name is 1,000 loafers,
but when some big shit happens we are totally un-prepared.
we have nothing to fall back on.
those same wolves we chase/fucked are not there.
they don’t even have their shit together either.
we burned so many bridges that we have no one to call.
it’s just “us“.
you against the world… and a big ass storm.

i started to wonder…

Who will really rescue us when we fall?

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f0xmail: Can I Take A Pipe Everyday Without My Walls Looking Like An Abandoned Building?


I’m 19 years old and in a about two weeks, my boyfriend is coming back for the army. I told him when he came back that I would finally give him some ass. This will be my first time ever taking dick in the ass. Now, I know how to enema and prep myself, I’ve done it before to make sure I knew what I was doing. What I’m concerned about is my health when I get older and am I supposed to tighten up while I’m taking dick so I won’t have a busted booty hole like the numerous amount of big booty holes I’ve seen on on xtube, xvideos, tumblr, etc. Can you take dick every day (the same dick) and still keep a tight ass hole?


(this is a not safe for work entry)…

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