austin wolf banged the common sense out a delta airlines flight attendant

austin wolf

folks will jeopardize their whole lives for sex.
so the following story a foxholer sent me made me shake my head.
im gonna need the f-bi on the hunt too.
so porn star wolf,
austin wolf,
is in a scandal that he won’t receive much blow back.
his latest is taking,
what seems to be regulars in amateur videos,
and shows them a good time on his penis.
as this story goes,
he met up with a delta airlines flight attendant.
he decided to bang him in the airplane bathroom.
the tape leaked and all hell has broken loose via “the daily mail”

A Delta Airlines flight attendant faces being fired after video emerged of him having sex with a male porn star inside an aircraft lavatory, can exclusively reveal.

Furious bosses launched an investigation after clips of the mile-high romp were posted online and spotted by shocked colleagues.

The attendant was off duty but wearing his Delta uniform when he hooked up with passenger and adult performer Austin Wolf.

The two men are believed to have nipped to a bathroom mid-flight where they spent more than eight minutes locked inside the tiny space.

Two different clips of their steamy encounter were later posted on Twitter where they were soon reported to the airline: slogan ‘Keep Climbing’.

Sources say the cabin crew member, a recent hire in his 20s, told Delta chiefs he had no idea the encounter was being filmed – and had no part in posting it online.

The blue movies have since been taken down but the employee was suspended pending a full investigation into a breach of the company’s standards of behavior. understands that Delta will also consult legal experts as part of their probe in case the posting of the video without consent broke so-called ‘revenge porn’ laws.

i hope he knows he’s about to be in a world of shit.
austin wof always records his sex acts.
it gets him views and monetization for his sex work.
he’s probably banished from working in that profession,
but if his name gets released,
other jobs will probably be reluctant to hire him.

i see gays doing some really crazy shit nowadays.

jackin off at work
getting banged on their lunch breaks
wearing uniforms doing outrageous shit

your work and sex life should be two separate entities,
especially when filming is involved.
i’m all for racthet (lite) behavior,
but at your job…

now that ex flight attendant probably won’t get unemployment,
while possibly facing jail time.
austin will probaby feel the heat recording without consent too.
all a mess and lack of brain usage.

lowkey: if you wanna bang austin,
or any porn star,
go ahead.
if you got a good job,
do it at a hotel with your face covered.

article cc: the daily mail

10 thoughts on “austin wolf banged the common sense out a delta airlines flight attendant

  1. I guess he figured flight attendants don’t make much and he got to have sex with someone he normally wouldn’t. Delta better investigate why their employees not making enough and why they’re always late

  2. Sad.. The times we live in…One of my favorite exhibitionist was pretty low-key, nothing dating but he started doing riskier vids, broad daylight where traffic was passing by (sometimes in broad daylight) & that made me kinda uncomfy to watch him do that. Some kid might see that or something. Both gay and straights don’t be having no home training. Straights are just as bad too…I’ve seen plenty of vids where they are freaking in public, at barbecues, behind cars in parks, planes, beaches…The list go on. Thotery don’t have a preference or gender.

  3. I hate how gay men get mad at Austin Wolf but knowing good and well that straight people do too fox stop trying to make Straight people look so innocent knowing good and well they do the same exact thing

  4. This flight attendant man knew he was being recorded he saw Austin wolf on only fans and just for fans videos he tried to blame Austin because he got caught he gave this man permission to record him and posted on those fans Austin because he got caught he gave this man permission to record him and post it on the thing websites Imagine if this was a straight female Flight attendant doing that thing thing which does happen they will not say a thing And the guy he was fucking was a middle eastern man

  5. I bet he is the one of them that makes five figures monthly on only fans… Reminds me of my trip to Asia Sept 2017… it was a 13 hour flight… cute middle eastern flight attendant.. 6 foot something… not a muscular build, but a nice build… my jeans wear not intentionally tight however your could see my bulge… and he noticed too when he was collecting the meal service.. I noticed he did a double take… when I went to the lavatory i passed him and saw him glance at my crotch… and when we finally reach the US in the immigration area I saw him leaving with the crew… we gave each other a nod and he glanced and my junk again….. SOOOO nothing happened, but if I could have gotten away with it I would have.

    1. He is an escort who charges 1,200+ a night. Onlyfans is his side hustle. But yes, he has loads of subscribers because he is very consistent. His content is worth it where he plays the “big tall muscular top” but all of his videos are on Tumblr so paying for his onlyfans is pointless

  6. gahdammit jamari, this gifs/pics be having me dying I swear 😂

    this reminds me of that time i went starbucks and these dudes were jacking each other off in the back while recording on their laptop. how ppl didn’t know is beyond me lol

  7. The thing is Austin makes amateur videos for onlyfans so all of his hookups are filmed & most likely bareback. I know that he has a boyfriend so he probably sees this as work. This is crazy though lol

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