cassie is working on a new single project (just not music)

so remember that one entry about cassie being pregnant?
( x see it here )
that might not be happening.
i might have been right about the stress eating tho.
she actually has a new single project happening.
no seriously,
she’s single now.
according to “b scott”

Cassie’s rep has CONFIRMED that they are no longer together.

In a statement made exclusively to, Cassie’s rep says:

“They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months.”

my thoughts:

“bout time”

10 years and no marriage or pregnancy.
not even a successful “anything”.
sounds very “evelyn lozada” to me.
she seemed to be locked in a basement half the time.
folks are saying she wasted her youth with him.
i don’t think she did.
i mean,
she’s 32,
looks young,
and still beautiful.
look at karrueche.
she got her life together,
is a full-time actress,
and bagged a hot victor cruz.
a come back is possible.
diddy might be a powerful billionaire,
but it doesn’t mean he is the last wolf on earth.
i hope she can bounce back better than ever.

article cc: b scott

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “cassie is working on a new single project (just not music)”

  1. I’m sure he sent on her way with a nice financial package. She should definitely focus on her tv/movie career. She had a movie with Terrence J and she wasn’t bad at all. I’m sure she will carve out a nice career for herself

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