cassie might have a new project coming out (release date: 9 months?)

does she still sing?
what does she do nowadays?
well after all these years of being with diddy,
and having enough juice for her memoirs,
it looks like cassie might finally take on a new role.
a foxholer sent me this…

she is either stress eating or is very pregnant.
let’s hope the latter.

congrats to diddy and cassie if true!

lowkey: i actually bought her first album.
diddy never let her out her cage long enough for another.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “cassie might have a new project coming out (release date: 9 months?)”

    1. She’s a very pretty young woman…but I will never understand how she could continue to be the side chick, even when he stayed with Kim Porter and knocked her up, and then again after the other young daughter cama along. Surprisingly i hear they all get along. (giving side eye)
      Diddy must be slinging dick of gold! LOL

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