prep – are to get hiv with all the raw sexin

so ya know how ya’ll like to have raw sex while on prep?
well i might need ya’ll to stop.
another person just contracted hiv because of it.
a foxholer sent me this…

The sixth case of a man acquiring HIV while adhering to PrEP has been confirmed by healthcare experts over the weekend. He is thought to be the first man in California, and third man in the U.S. to contract HIV will taking Truvada as directed.

The unnamed man started taking PrEP in late 2016 and was HIV negative when tested the next three times at three, six, and ten months. Blood tests confirmed at this point that he had been adhering to the medication.

But slightly over a year after starting PrEP, he tested HIV positive. Immediately, he was placed on the appropriate medication; since then, his viral load has consistently remained suppressed.

The strain of HIV he acquired was identified with people who previously took HIV meds, but no longer do. Then it came to light that his main partner, who is HIV positive, had gone off his HIV medication. His partner was tested to have the same strain and has since resumed taking medication.

Despite this being the sixth case of a man contracting HIV while on PrEP, experts and medical professionals still firmly believe that PrEP is more effective than solely wearing condoms.

i don’t care what they say/font/smoke signal


even though it looks and feels better,
you can’t be giving it to everyone raw.
i’d still use condoms while on prep.
i’d treat it like birth control with vixens.
it’s a “just in case”,
rather than “there’s a force field in my booty”.
stay safe foxhole.

lowkey: i don’t think folks gonna stop raw sexing anytime soon,
even the straights.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “prep – are to get hiv with all the raw sexin”

  1. Our generation has all this knowledge at our fingertips and yet, we’re the most ignorant. I’ve been celibate for 5 years and I have yet to see a reason to engage yet. I don’t want sex to feel like I’m dodging bullets.

    I been knew PrEP wasn’t a sure thing, but whenever you debate someone (who uses it faithfully), they don’t want to hear it. Many used this pill to justify their sexual irresponsibility. Call a thing a thing. We gotta do better.

    1. Completely agree – but our community (gay people) don’t necessarily pay attention until it hits us directly. Ironically I just picked up my month two supply and then I see this article. Mind you, I haven’t had sex in a year, but when when I’m chatting with guys they mention they are on it. It feels weird to be taking a pill not to “catch” this virus – meanwhile people are catching it weather on it or not. Yet its also just as frightening to be taking a pill so that you don’t progress the virus in your system so that you don’t pass it to others.

      But your point is spot on. We MUST take responsibility and we MUST do better.

  2. I am a very vocal person about safe sex or at least the use of condoms. This is why I always tell folks to practice safe sex..They want to be talking about not using dental dams or what not but HIV is not the only thing you can catch. These diseases are becoming super resistant. I partly blame pornography for this as well. Gay black porn is notoriously shipping raw sex between two men like it is something “natural”. There’s definitely a consequence for doing it…too much.

    Of course uneducated individuals will dispute this because this is what they like to do. Douching cleans you out..”enough” but “too much” douching also disrupts the natural function of the anus muscles. You tell gay men this and they get in their feelings.

    I’m not saying dudes shouldn’t be doing anal but it’s something to think about if you getting plugged by the Hulk every other day.

    You DO NOT want to need “assistance” when you go do number two…in your later years.

    I’ve been looking into studying about exercises for the anus, and I will share more details if a topic like this comes up again. I’ll share some information Jamari. I’m taking an interest in tantric sexual practices for gay men. You might want to look into it as well when you with your future boo-thang. Some of these positions are 🔥🔥…you gotta be patient though….


    Deterring HIV is cool but what about all the other stuff you can catch and it has nothing to do with being “clean”.

    Not to sound mean but do we really need to be making excuses for people today? If they can get online and do challenges and Snapchat and Instagram posts, they can check out realistic stats too. This has been around since the 70s (at least publizied). Folks just want to look into what they want to and don’t take interest until they get a scare. You gotta be responsible, period. Seek knowledge lest you submit to ignorance and suffer surverance is what I always say.

    1. Thats why I don’t bottom a lot. I remember reading about douching or using an enema and I read that it isn’t healthy to always put water up there. Knowing some gays they do it everyday smh. I can’t play with my body like that.

  3. So it’s the third person in the US out of how many people using PreP that was never marketed as 100% safe? And how do they know the 3 people didn’t stop taking it for a while or forgot a couple days and didn’t wait the full week? People do lie.

    I see a lot of people on Twitter that would fuck anyone raw because they are on PreP. These people don’t care that’s it’s not 100% guaranteed. There is no doctor that is going to tell you to enjoy yourself and fuck using a condom along with PreP.

  4. Like this must be what alot of porn stars are takin as back up who do raw gangbangs and shit.

    Like can we discuss “black gay ho” twitter ?

    The segment of twitter were young black dude has a only fans or freaky snapchat fuckin everybody raw ,exchanging like and links and poundin somebody new every day like stds dont exist …shit is crazy .

  5. I mean I’m not surprised in this case. They were repeatedly exposed to the virus. Introduced medication and then stopped. That’s the perfect way to build a treatment resistant supervirus.

  6. Speaking for myself, I’m at the point where I want to feel raw sex. I’ve been single for years and been waiting for Mr. right. Finding Mr. right is hard. Shu, I’ve lost interest in jacking off to my favorites videos on Myvidster. I’ve been taking prep that has been working for me and been giving second glances at dudes that requested raw sex on Grindr. Pure pressure is hard on a Nigga and for someone that just got to have it. I’ve haven’t experienced raw yet but somewhere my pressure is going to bust!

    1. ^dont want to feel raw sex and then never able to feel sex again because you caught something.
      i’d hate that to be the intro to your life story.
      just because everyone is doing doesn’t mean you need to do it.
      just my thoughts and i want to see you be careful out there.

  7. I’m 21 now. The only time I’ve ever had raw sex was when I lost my virginity as a young teenager. I wasn’t aware of HIV at the time (they NEED to be teaching this at schools). However a year later I discovered about the HIV virus and how easy it is for people (ESPECIALLY those in the gay world) to contract it. I began to panic and called the guy who I first hooked up with and asked if he’s negative, he said yes. But I got tested eventually to make sure I was still negative and I was thankfully.

    So if we are hooking up, you better strap up or else no penetration will be going on. IDGAF how “fine” you are, I can get off by doing other things rather than anal. I don’t want to risk getting a LIFETIME of medication for a quick careless 10 minute session. A lot of gays don’t care until it happens to them. And the way I see folks having raw sex on Tumblr, all I’m gonna say is DO NOT trust anybody. If you want raw sex please with strangers please at least use PreP. Even though Ive heard its expensive af (and they wonder why folks keep getting HIV), but risking your health over some basic shit that could be avoided isn’t worth it.

    A few months ago I found out that I contracted chlamydia in the anus JUST because I let some dude play with his penis on the outside part of my anus. I thought that was harmless but it wasn’t. Mind you I had NO symptoms, I just decided to get tested one day and I knew it had to be that because I only get dudes put their penises on the outer part of my anus to “open” me up, I never let them put the penis inside raw though. Thankfully I’m clear now thanks to the medication. GET TESTED YALL!

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