lana del rey wants to fight azealia banks

i really wish lana wouldn’t have responded.
lana del rey‘s first album is a whole mood.
ya’ll know i’m about that “born to die” life.
every time i listen to her music,
it makes me feel something.
azealia banks,
who makes her appearance soon in this entry,
collaborated with lana on the “blue jeans” remix.
they’re in full beef mode today.
lana tweeted this

…in which azealia replied this:

and a random kanye got a boost in like this:

who woulda thunk azealia and kanye would know each other?
then again…
you know what’s annoying?

when jackals try to turn the tables on you.
you cuss them out and they want to play “victim”.
they forget the trail of nonsense behind them,
yet they want to try and make you look like the enemy.
they’ll try to turn everyone against you,
and for some odd reason,
folks listen to them.
azealia has so much shit on her it’s ridiculous,
yet she wants to make lana the “big bad white vixen”.

lana gets the “what were you thinking?” award today.
she shoulda simply killed her with silence.
 jackals can’t handle that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “lana del rey wants to fight azealia banks”

  1. I’m glad she got with her Azealia Banks talks too damn much. Like sis can we get a perfect body if work from you? I’m tired of the antics. What happened to musicians using their talents as gimics instead she beefing with random folks for no reason on social media. Yet broke down on wildin out. If she dont get her manipulative, woke-when- it’s convenient tired ass out here. Now you’re standing up for Blacks which one is it

  2. Why shouldn’t she defend herself when she and her were cool and she’s out of the blue attacking her?! I commend Lana for letting her know yes bitch I’m bout this love, fuck wit me.

  3. For a WHITE girl to tell you to pull up, she’s about that action. Someone’s gotta get Azealia straight. She sould’ve learned her lessons after getting dragged by 12 y/o Skai Jackson. Azealia saying, “Oh course the white woman is making fun of mental health” as if Azealia doesn’t do worse. Bye girl, go back to your chickens in your crawl space.

  4. I love Azealia I really do but this made me LOL! I thought Lana was hacked especially with the pull up tweet. Its so funny because they are both really great songwriters. Even though azealia is more talented. Their concepts are always interesting. Did you peep iggy trying to insert herself. Lol now shes lame.

  5. Azalea ain’t ’bout that life irl… look at her on Wild n Out… she is all mouth on twitter and can’t back it up with the hands… now look at Cardi she bout that life… this life… life magazine… life cereal… the simple life… life styles of the rich and famous… The Secret Life of Cats and Dogs… All ’em!

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