clarence is what every ig male escort strives to be (he proposed to queen?)

this is how you know you are “dating down”.
ima show you in a sec.
so i’m addicted to queen naija and clarence.
i find their nonsense so entertaining.
they’re definitely “new money” hood love for youtube shenanigans.
so clarence bought queen naija a ring.
check out what she posted on her ig…

so he bought her that claire’s discount ring,
which leads me to believe he’s broke af outside queen,
but she came outta pocket for:

a rollie and the mercedes jeep,
not to mention current living expenses and spousal support,
if they end up getting married.
i see why she turned her comments off on ( x that “ring” post ).

i’m just gonna font it:

Clarence is what some males nowadays aspire to be

good dick in exchange for a good life.

allegedly fonting,
of course.
clarence got the ultimate come up when it came to queen.
he finagled her in full “bx” and here we go.
as much as he denies it,
he’s a sugar baby to a semi rich vixen.
as long as he keeps his looks up,
and provides some serious dick,
she will happily pay his way.
that’s the american dream for some males now.
i don’t think i blame him to much.
i’m sure if it was us in his situation,
we would have done the same thing.
he worked hard to come out of his mama basement for this life.

he ain’t never going back.

lowkey: he has gotten a little “dad bod” tho.
he was better looking to me when he was smaller…

…and with the ex.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “clarence is what every ig male escort strives to be (he proposed to queen?)”

  1. That ring looks laughably cheap and that diamond is small as fuck. I don’t expect him to be able to afford a million dollar ring, but damn that ring looks like he got it out of the bubble gum machine. The dick must be otherworldly for her to accept that shit

  2. I guess they trolling because she just posted a video showing off her diamond bracelet he(herself) bought.

    clarence said never doubt him 🙄

  3. Clarence stayed in my inbox on FB.. My page is obviously gay, by the number of gay males I have on it. I asked, him ” are you gay?” he was like naw,” I just like meeting ppl?” ummm ok… Then he followed me on IG, after a few months, he deleted me, I guess after he secured the bag? Then other

  4. If she can’t see that he is only there for what she can GIVE HIM, and not the other way around (other than pipe)…she’s just as gullible as any chick with low self-esteem.

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