after midnight in the garden of blue and evil (ryan macklin)

i just don’t understand people anymore.
the crazy just confuses my spirit.
everyone meet jackal,
ryan macklin.
he is a 6 year hunter,
married to a beautiful vixen…

…with a cub on the way…
…but decided to alleged rape someone at a traffic stop.
a foxholer sent me this sick story via “the daily mail”

A Maryland police officer has been accused of raping a woman in her car during a traffic stop, and authorities warn there may be other victims.

Ryan Macklin of Prince George’s County was arrested Monday on charges including first- and second-degree rape, perverted practice, second-degree assault and fourth-degree sex offense.

Police Chief Hank Stawinski said at a press conference that 29-year-old Marine Corps veteran was on-duty and driving a marked car when he stopped the woman at around 1am on Thursday in Langley Park. Brief surveillance video shows him activating his lights.

Macklin – who is believed to be married and expecting a child – then allegedly forced the woman ‘to perform a sexual act’ while they were both in her car in a parking lot. 

The alleged victim came forward to police several hours after the incident. 

this is the video obtained of him allegedly pulling the victim over:

this is such a scary story.
it’s also been reported the victim was an alleged illegal alien.
not ony that,
his wife is an immigration lawyer:

A human rights organization is looking to support other possible victims of a Maryland police officer who was accused of raping a woman last week, after it was revealed that the woman is an undocumented immigrant. 

Maritza Solano, director of advocacy group CASA, proclaimed that Officer Ryan Macklin took advantage of the victim’s immigration status when he allegedly forced the woman to perform oral sex on him. 

‘We believe she was targeted,’ Solano told FOX5DC. ‘This is known as a community mostly made up of immigrants, many with different statuses. It’s not coincidental that she would be stopped and asked for that type of favor in exchange for her not to be reported or be cited.’

Solano said the woman had come to her organization after reporting the incident to police. 

Macklin – whose wife is a immigration attorney and is pregnant with the couple’s first child – then allegedly forced the woman ‘to perform a sexual act’ while they were both in her car in a parking lot.

i wonder if he went through his wife’s files?
as a hunter,
he has access to everything within the system.
he probably told her not to tell anyone because he knew her status.
that souns like a possible motive.
i know many vixens who drive alone that i worry about.
i’ve heard of hunters doing this kind of shit ,
if not worst.
hunters are part of a “boys” club and they protect each other.
rape is usually about power.
hunters think they have power.
they have a badge and act like the same criminals they arrest.
i know his wife must be so disgusted and hurt.
i don’t even know anymore.
the worst part is there are probably more alleged victims.
i hope they all come forward to help throw him under the jail.
he had all those accolades to be thrown down the drain.
what a waste of time.

article cc: daily mail | daily mail

pictures cc: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “after midnight in the garden of blue and evil (ryan macklin)”

  1. I bet there’s more victims, illegal just like he is, sick SOB!!! I hope that his wife didn’t know his status. If she did, she’s just as guilty.

    1. ^which is why i’m not with that chat site shit ever since a lot of gays started getting robbed and killed.
      you gotta watch your back,
      and side to side in these forests now.

  2. This is why I’m wary of attractive men. They can get away with anything. This man had the life and wanted to exert his authority over someone. Disgusting. I honestly hope it isn’t true. I just don’t want such a Black man being set up. When it’s White people they say to wait for all of the facts, so I’m waiting and hoping not another Black man played stupid.

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