you should join the “elite” on netflix

so i’ve been looking for a show that is like “gossip girl”,
but i’ve been wanting a crime drama as well.
i was seeing the previews for a new show called “elite” on netflix.
it was supposed to have everything i was looking for.
from the synopsis:

When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

i was intrigued,
so i decided to give it a shot last night.


you don’t have to worry,
it’s dubbed in english.
it’s “gossip girl/big little lies/how to get away with murder”.
i didn’t know it would’ve been this good tho.
i thought it’d be a basic show,
but it has everything in between the murder mystery:

gay/dl drama
bisexual drama
3some drama

…and that’s just a little of it.
there are some explicit sex scenes too.
i put it on at like 10pm and was well into it at 3am.
every episode has a twist at the end that leaves you like “WTF!?”.
i can’t even get into details because i’ll give away spoilers.
i have two more episodes to go.
there are only 8 episodes,
an hour each,
but it goes by really quick.
it’s not boring at all.
you know i love good tv.
i’m glad netflix ( x ordered another season ).
i’m dying to see where they’ll go next.

lowkey: i’m really attracted to christian for whatever reason…

he is sexy af to me.
the whole cast is something to look at tho.
i’m shocked they have like millions of followers too.
the main star,
( x marina pedraza ),
has over 2 million followers.

where have i been?

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  1. I legit binged watch this on Monday night and watched all 8 episodes and was still up at 5am about to go to sleep. I was so intrigued and entertained! I’m glad it was picked up for a second season.

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