Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone

tumblr_m69nenZACd1qbom0uo1_1280you’ll be surprised what wolf would date you.
sometimes what they say they want isn’t what they end up with.
this is how i felt when k michelle admitted today she was dating idris elba.
8 months!
i was personally trying to figure out how she got him to direct that vh-1 special.
well it was time for her to cum clean.
she spilled all the beans on the breakfast club this morning…

On the album being about Idris:

“Yeah, [this album is about Idris Elba]. I’m not going to sit up here and lie to y’all.”

On how their fling affected his relationship with his son’s mother, Naiyana Garth:

“I don’t know. He’s not married.”

On if he’s actually in a relationship with Naiyana:

“I think now [they are].”

On Idris hearing the album:

“I sent him these records before they came out. He said, ‘This is art. I hate that we’re at this place.’”

“We had such a creative situation and relationship that I thank him for a lot of things. He brought that music out of me. He taught me a lot.”

On their split:

“It’s no hate for Idris. He actually was a good man and my thing is you have to go raise your child and what I’m not going to do is get in the way of that. I’m not in the way of his baby mother and his family right now. I’ve been a woman.”

“He had the baby and it was just kind of like, I’m not going to be in the middle of this so I walked away from it. What kind of woman am I to say, ‘Okay, leave your family and come and be with me.’”

“I think that as a woman I did the right thing.”

On meeting Idris:

“When he first tried to talk to me I told him: ‘Your jeans too tight.’ I met him out at the Soul Train Awards and he said with that accent, ‘Hi K. Michelle, I think you’re beautiful.’ I thought he was fine, but I never liked him. You know, I wanted the rappers.”

On their relationship:

“We went through things [and dated for] about 8 months.”

“I wasn’t used to a man who got up in the morning, put on Burberry and tight slacks.”

On what he said about their relationship:

“He told me we had a future. He directed my opera for free!”

starts at 17:










i feel like idris has a thing for ratchet chicks with a fat asses.
he would definitely be right up her alley.
the real question i have for k:
what was that english sausage like? lets get to the meat and potatoes!
i actually do like “that” tho.
well before she started word vomitin’.
i really like the fact they were dating and it wasn’t public.
that is definitely the foxhole way of life.
that is how i want to carry on my relationships with wolves.
i am very private and that is also right up my alley.i always feel like the best relations are the ones you keep from everyone.
less mess and un-wanted opinions that way.
go k!

lowkey: i’m still waiting on an english sausage report tho.
idris-gif-what-do-you-thinkoh you don’t want to know what i think…

article taken: madame noire

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone”

  1. Yea, it shocked me when she said they dated. They are an interesting combination though. I would have loved to hear their conversations…better yet the sex. Him hitting those big ol balloons from the back.

  2. Bitches never know a good man. Shes ratchet who wants a drug smoking tatooted ass exposed hood rat to churn up her P. Well go ahead bitch and see if they care when u have their 3 kids!

  3. The thing that makes me sick with these dizzy women is if you do get the opportunity to get fucked or whatever let that be your business and the individual you once dealt with. The same for these sissy or queens if you are lucky to get the dick of a so called professional ballplayer or someone in the entertainment business let that stay between you and that person. People do not realize you can get sued and if you already don’t got shit you would never have shit. Just be great full and thankful all at the same time.

    1. Dumb bitch.

      A good man (ACCORDING TO HER BTW) who hitting that pussy right and is cooperative and good to you and it’s still not enough and then these heifers go on TV and scream there no good men and the good ones are gay, married or in jail.

      Oh….and what’s her deal with tight pants? Idris can wear pants that are obviously snug, but their not that tight.

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