I Feel Sad That My Highlight Reel Isn’t Like Others

that use to be me.
not as bad now,
but i have my moments.
i was doing some thinking today foxhole.

i’m always thinking,
but i came to the conclusion
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Idris Elba Will Bang Anyone

tumblr_m69nenZACd1qbom0uo1_1280you’ll be surprised what wolf would date you.
sometimes what they say they want isn’t what they end up with.
this is how i felt when k michelle admitted today she was dating idris elba.
8 months!
i was personally trying to figure out how she got him to direct that vh-1 special.
well it was time for her to cum clean.
she spilled all the beans on the breakfast club this morning…
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F-BI: Who Dis Wolf Bee on K Michelle Show?

image-48so i have to apologize to k michelle.
i totally haven’t even started watching her reality show on v-h1.
i know.
i can expect a nice curse out soon.
well one thing k michelle knows is a cute wolf.
one of my foxholers named kush alerted me because he knows 1 too.
he wanted an “apb” on the the wolf that made his debut last week...
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How Life Is Teaching Me To Relax and Love the Time Bomb


i was sitting on my couch,
reading a book,
and i started to drift into some sad place.
it’s a saturday night and i’m home.
i have no money in my cc account to spend,
no friends i would really want to hang with,
and lord knows i would love to buy myself something pretty.
i suddenly caught myself in my feelings.
uh oh.
i decided to counter it.
which was weird as hell for me.
i usually go deep when i’m depressed,
over thinking and all kinds of shit,
but i’m tired of that.
i looked at things from a positive standpoint.
you would have been proud of me…

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Jumping The Wolf

I jut got back from seeing this movie and it was pretty damn amazing.

The acting was great.
The plot was great.
The drama was even better.

But, it left me with a ton of thoughts on the way home.
I’m sure Al Green crooning through my speakers with “I’m Tired of Being Alone” didn’t help either.
So I have a question and it is one I am sure every Fox could co-sign with.

Where is he?

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