Job Interviews and Unclaimed Baggage

flat,550x550,075,fthe new path?
so today went amazing.
i just woke up from a massive nap.
i guess that is the end to the day.
lets talk about the beginning

i threw on a light sweater,
white dress shirt underneath,
grey slacks,
and some loafers with no socks.
loafers with no socks being my favorite.
i also brought out my leather man bag.
it was going to be a fox swagg day!
when i went to go print my resume tho,
it tells me i didn’t have any black ink.

“what in every bit of fuck!!!!!!!????
ughhhhh!!!!” i screamed.

how am i out of ink when this is a new printer 1,
and 2,
i’ve only printed about six times.
no heavy jobs or anything.
just resumes.
now i never mentioned this before,
only because i don’t do the whole bragging thing,
but one of my readers sent me an iPad 2 for christmas couple years back.
the 64g joint at that.
i am extremely grateful for it because it always comes in so handy.
i’m only talking about it today for what happened.
so i thought ok boom,
send the resume to myself in an email and open it up to my friend.
easy right?
when i go and open the email,
whatever happened to my resume looked crazy!!!!
the lines i used as styling were all over the place.
sentences were cut off and all over the page.
this is NOT what i did.
i had no time to go and fix it so i had to take the l.

tumblr_inline_mi6y8zVz9f1qz4rgpwhen i got to her office,
it was actually in a really nice building.
when i walked in,
there was a lot of people actually waiting.
and one black wolf who looked awful.
ima talk about him on a later date.
this pretty snow bunny started talking to me and she turned out to be real cool.
she’s in school for fashion pr and new to the whole temp agency rat race.
i gave her a little break down and exchanged cards with her.
i’ll send her an email tomorrow.
i was told that it would be a group interview first and we would be interviewed separately.
when she saw me and she was so happy,
but had to keep it professional.
she looked good too.
i felt like the teacher’s pet because she kept calling me out as she was speaking.

“omg jamari you look so good!
dapper and refreshed!
where is the struggle you are talkin about in the email?!
lemme tell you from the time I’ve known you,
i could never say you’ve looked terrible.
i haven’t seen you in about 3 years now and you look so great!” she said when we went into our one and one.

tumblr_m81tt8p5If1rn95k2o1_250all i could do was smile and say thank you.
i’m not going to look terrible in public.
maybe i should?
that always seem to land wolves these days.
i’ll talk about that later too.
it didn’t even feel like an interview.
we talked about losing my last job and how i felt,
star fox an his death,
and whats been up with her.

“so what would be your perfect career?
like what would you want to do in the city if the door could open to you today?”

” honestly i would like to get paid for writing.
maybe writing about industry and attending events within the city.

i’d also like to do image consulting and pr for men in the industry/whatever.

“oh that would be good for you j!
i can see you being so big!
dont forget about us little people.”

no one in my life has been a little person.
everyone has contributed to big things whether good or bad.
she told me some of the clients she gets do around $15 and up,
a huge pay cut for me,
but as long as i have a job i couldn’t complain.
oh she didn’t even care how the resume looked or if it was on an ipad.
she told me send her my fixed resume in an email and she will get back to be asap.
i left feeling confident and i know she will try to help in any way.
i wanted to see baggage claim but it was a damn hour wait.
after i ate at subway,
that itis got to knocking me down.
plus it looked like it was going to pour.
i charged my phone and brought my ass back uptown.
i took some random shots:

someone wrote their tumblr page on the paper disposal in the subway bathroom lol
the end to a good day and the start of new beginnings.
question and exclamation mark.


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9 thoughts on “Job Interviews and Unclaimed Baggage”

  1. You’ll be fine. Things are working out for you! Don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out as quickly as you would like….just know that the machine is in motion and there is NO stopping it now.

  2. Man I feel your pain I have been without a job for a year and it can be trying w/o benefits. I just started sub-teaching @ the local school system, but it crappy pay so hopefully I can get things rolling soon and best of luck to you as we’ll.

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