Don’t Think I Don’t Have Something To Say to You Fam.

OKYESNICEthis is for those who have supported,
and who stayed by my side during this tough year 1/2.
the emails.
the f-bi.
the vixens who leave me stuff to post that i miss.
just everything.
even the ones who left and didn’t say goodbye.
it has been a wild journey,
but i’m starting to see the light peaking through the trees in this once dark valley.
so early this morning my friend called and asked if i wanted to come in today.
she may have some stuff coming up so she wanted me in the system asap.
i jumped up and just finished up my resume.
i already dressed and about to walk out the door,
but something told me to post this before i left.
i couldn’t have gotten through all this darkness without everyone who held my hand.
you don’t understand how much it has meant to me.
#thecomeback is moving full steam ahead.
again thank you for all the continuous support.
who knew my little blog would go this far?

lowkey: i may go see baggage claim after.
to treat myself.
in between blessings right now,
but i’ll see and have a review.
i’ll try to tweet the on goings on the day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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