MEAT: (424)

tumblr_mtohxjrIl51qazf6co2_500oh ive wanted to do his  meat for a minute now.
foxes and vixens,
meet jaye hardbody.
the newest @attentionwhore on the online block.
jaye is a self proclaimed model and likes to work out.
always shirtless,
and will lift a truck if asked?
sigh me up.
check this buffet out…

tumblr_mppbe0o48Q1r5zq6ao2_400tumblr_mppbe0o48Q1r5zq6ao1_400is he short?
he sorta resembles idris elba too.
anyway jaye is straight.

vixens go tell us what that meat hang like then.
jaye has a “cat fish” problem as well.
he made a video letting them know:

aaahhh you know he is a @attentionwhore when he has a cat fish issue.

lowkey: i’d open my mouth wide swallow him whole.
does anyone else get horny when you see someone who looks like that?
“ratchet jamari” flies right out of me.

pictures from: his instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT: (424)”

  1. I was gonna say in my comment that he resembles Idris Elba.Which is a +++ for me.Gosh women are so lucky.They get the best of em.I’m jealous of women all the time.I think to myself “Damn they get all of that face, body, and dick and yet still aren’t satisfied.”Just give me one and I’m set.If I was a woman I’d be walking around with a smile all day knowing I have a wolf or potential wolves to dick me down good.

    They do bleed once a month so I guess they do have reasons to be gloomy sometimes.

  2. *passes out*

    He is FINE. I was gonna say he looked like Idris too but y’all beat me to it. Why he gotta be straight tho? Why can’t he be into dudes? Everyone wants to be straight nowadays. Don’t they know gay is in?

    I’ll bang him so hard he’ll have hemorrhoids. I’ll have the Preparation H already tho.

    1. I just LOL’d. Hemorrhoids though??! Oh my………

      These dark skin/brown skin boys are giving me everything I need.

  3. I literally almost fell out on the floor…he made my heart skip a beat…HE”S an ADONIS…where do they make bodies like this!?!?!?! Sculpted to perfection…GOD bless the sista or woman who wakes up next to that everyday…That’s a whole different kind of fine, if i’d seen him in person i couldn’t even approach him, WAY OUT of my league lol….i’d have to hit the gym before i could talk to this action figure lmbo

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