f0xmail: Can I Take A Pipe Everyday Without My Walls Looking Like An Abandoned Building?


I’m 19 years old and in a about two weeks, my boyfriend is coming back for the army. I told him when he came back that I would finally give him some ass. This will be my first time ever taking dick in the ass. Now, I know how to enema and prep myself, I’ve done it before to make sure I knew what I was doing. What I’m concerned about is my health when I get older and am I supposed to tighten up while I’m taking dick so I won’t have a busted booty hole like the numerous amount of big booty holes I’ve seen on on xtube, xvideos, tumblr, etc. Can you take dick every day (the same dick) and still keep a tight ass hole?


(this is a not safe for work entry)…

if i ever had got with this way back when:


you couldn’t tell me i wasn’t going to let him fuck me everyday.
wake up with a quickie.
go to sleep with a nightcap.
i had fantasies of how i was going to wear that dick OUT.
he would have stopped fucking with me because i would have been putting him to work in that bedroom.
if i want you,
then i also want you inside me at all times.
the inner hoe in me.

then i had to be realistic.
plus, with all that sex would have made me bored with him eventually.

one of the joys of beatin down a booty hole is the tightness.
sure it can be fat on the outside,
but nothing is better than sticking your dick in some tight butt cheeks.

that right kind of tightness that feels like your dick has a suction cup on it.
nothing fees better than a wolf working his dick inside and breaking down those walls.
these days, everyone is fucking everyday/all day that sticking a pipe in them feels like warm lasagna.

you know that army man is going to tear your ass up?
he is going to break that back?
i’m just warning you.
now, that is all good for a couple days…
…but every day?
that is going to be an issue in the long run.
even if is the same pipe everyday.

i’m convinced that those busted booty holes are all the work of taking huge dicks.

also tremendous wear and tear on your booty.
some of them want a whole car up in their cheeks.
these idiots doing all of this…
…and the wolf is off to fuck someone else for the next decade of his life.
but, one thing i’ve noticed is with little/average dick wolves,
you can take a good beat down and not be stretched out.
well, not as fast.

always remember that the wear and tear you put on your butt cheeks will go with you.
ass is not like pussy.
overtime, it goes back to regular state.
there is elastic or some shit in there.
your ass will have you loose and wearing diapers.
bad enough people who can’t even hold their shit anymore.

so learn how to go other things.
give bomb head.
as you are giving him bomb throat,
bend him ass over/life his legs up and eat him out.
naked dry humping usually gets me off.
have him rub his pipe in between your cheeks and jack off.

did i mention bomb throat?

you don’t want to be in your mid 20s with a stretched out, UN-usable ass.
not ever a good look.
i’m not saying you can’t have sex.
but everyday?
that’s a stretch...


hope that helped.
i’m sure the comments will also offer you some good advice.

17 thoughts on “f0xmail: Can I Take A Pipe Everyday Without My Walls Looking Like An Abandoned Building?

  1. When I was in the military, I felt the same way: I was going to hit something every night when I got back to the U.S. I was not hooked to anyone so I prowled. I spent the day with my family and at night I was exploring warm wet holes. If you are in another country in the dirt for months working hard with only your hands as relief, you want to destroy a hole – especially if you have been ducking bullets. I was fair. If I came across a guy that could not take the beating, I would let him off the hook in a way that we both approved. Then, I was off to be savage with someone who could handle it. If dude was thin and light then I would not hook up without telling what they were in for; I was open for other things as a warm up for later. If dude was buff and sturdy then those cakes got smashed. I hooked up with a pretty boy who had cakes like mocha velvet. I went at him all night with no penetration. He was real supportive of a solider and I wanted to pay his rent. He laughed and told me no. I am not trying to brag but just wanted to share my experiences. Any solider who has been over seas for a long period of time will tell you that there is no cakes like American cakes – forgive us for being greedy and wanting it every day.

  2. Y’all need to have other interests with each other besides sex. Cuz if it’s all about the booty, someone else will be tighter or wetter. Don’t get me wrong, fugging a nice hole is great, but I don’t need (or even want) to fugg every night. Vary up your sex life, but also there’s a lot of fun in just cuddling up & watching a movie or just chilling together – especially in a relationship.

    But I get in the initial weeks, you’ll be screwing like rabbits. Just make sure you follow what everyone said above – use plenty of lube, go slow, have him eat you out & get you loose & relaxed — and give yourself a couple days to recover.

    Send pictures! 😉

  3. hold up you gonna give it too him every day boi you MAD if you name not on his life insurance, dont know his atm pin, you all dont have a joint account and you not sporting one of those wedding rings DUDE you dont give ass every day okay you not a vixen. Whoops dont get tie up with the hype women use their pussy like atm machines and everyone know the more a pussy cost the better you treat it. Everyday he gonna get bored with it trust me the promise of bussy is worth far more.

  4. i learn to protect my hole after 8 years in this lifestyle and having only 7 dicks grace my fox hole getting it only 16 times i will tell you……No. 1 Never ever and i mean never let him hit your ass right off the bat. He will tear your ass up if you let him at it right away, have a twenty minute oral session make sure he eats your cookie up cause sweety it loosens you up greatly. As J said you better suck some good dick, better the head faster he cums easier on your hole.

    No. 2 lub is your friend if you giving him it raw don’t let him hit you the spit on his dick routine that shit don’t moisturize you ass will hurt you for days.

    No. 3 know your mans penis size length is not everything in fact the girth tends to kill your ass faster you anus and colon could take a long dick but if he has one of those fat ass dicks he not a keeper cause that will stretch you out.

    No. 4 Missionary is only for nuns. unfortunately i can’t take it doggy it hurts as fuck but i can tell you ya ass don’t look as mess up after a doggy session. That missionary, legs on his shoulders or behind your ears, stretch your ass out.

    No. 5 most important Know your comfort zone now i have been accuse of killing the mood but if the dick not good for you then you don’t want no dick, if it hurts your think you need to stop then STOP his pleasure not important in the long run. remember take dick to bring you pleasure, pay your bills, get a new phone, darm it fuck for a box of kfc but never once let a man go wolf on your hole to please him cause there will always be another warm elastic one waiting when your done. If you giving it for free make sure that you getting maximum pleasure else next please. cause having Angelina Jolie lips on your ass using prep H as lip gloss and can’t be like woooo that was the best sex ever is a fucking no no.

  5. I’m surprised no one has said your supposed to kegel while having sex yet. When you’re taking dick, you’re supposed to kegel so you will keep that rabbithole tight! & like you said, an asshole is NO pussy. Once you’ve busted that bitch open, you cannot repair it like some women do when they have loose flaps hugging their ankles. You only get 1 body. Take care of that shit. Every day? Damn this fox has the sex drive of a two rabbits!

  6. There is nothing you can do to prevent your ass from being loose if you have sex everyday man. Now I’m not a Fox so I can only tell you so much, but I can tell you that if you get pounded everyday even for a year your ass will be different than what it was before you even started having anal. Like Jamari said, an asshole is not a pussy. If he bangs you everyday you will be in diapers by age 25(I’m serious, not trying to be funny) Personally I think you should have anal sex with him no more than 2 to 3 times a week, which equals to 8 to 12 times a month and that ain’t bad in this lifestyle in my opinion. Some may say that is still to much. I’m gonna make a great suggestion and say that you two should create a schedule that suits you both. Bring it up to him and get his opinion on it. He should like the idea and if he doesn’t then he isn’t concerned about your health. If a man can’t go a few days without sex then he has a serious issues and I don’t care what anyone says cause that’s the truth.

  7. everyday? damn he must have one hell of a sex drive. but after while the looser your ass gets the less itll feel good to him. do you think you can bottom everyday? me personally i dont think i could do it. id want to bend him over sometimes too. if your worried about sex every day you should talk to him before he comes to the conclusion that he’ll be getting the booty everyday cause thats the only thing your talking about. sex isnt just anal. besides any of that you’ve never even had anal sex so how do you know you’ll like it? you’d better start talking to him about some compromises now just in case you dont like it.

      1. loi depends on if the wolf knows what hes doing. trust me when i say some dudes get caught up in the good sex they zone out and just obliterate the foxhole forgetting all about the fact its they first time.

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