Justin Bieber Banging Alleged Whores and Transgenders In Brazil?

tumblr_muo98rSZfk1ryc6kco1_250justin bieber has been a bad boy.
ever since he started hanging with the blacks,
his whole swagg has done a 180.
well beibz went to brazil and decided he wanted to smash a “hooker”.
i mean all the boys smash hookers in brazil.
who knew the whores in brazil are just as trifling about privacy as in america…

justin-bieber-thinkingokay a couple things:

  1. biebz got some “pussy”!
    well i think…
    either way he was put to sleep.
  2. he fucked her on a pull out couch tho?
  3. why is he still wearing a wife beater?
  4. why is he caressing his hat?
  5. did any fuckin’ REALLY happen?

according to tmz,
no “fuckin’ on the pull out couch in the champagne room” happened:

The woman who videotaped a sleeping Justin Bieber in a video that exploded on YouTube is NOT a prostitute … members of Bieber’s camp who were with Justin in Brazil tell TMZ.

Ever since the video surfaced, showing an unidentified woman blowing a kiss to a passed out Bieber … rumors began to swirl that she was a local Brazilian whore who Justin paid for.

Here’s what we’re told — Justin had rented a home outside of Rio to stay at during his concert in Brazil. After his show, JB threw an after-party and invited roughly 50 people. At some point during the shindig, Justin fell asleep on a couch and one of the partygoers shot footage of the singer sleeping.

Bieber is telling friends … he is completely creeped out by the video and is disappointed that he now has to defend himself against false hooker claims.

Bottom line — sorry whores, it just ain’t true.

but there is a twist in the story.
according to this other whore he allegedly screwed,
she was paid to allegedly smash the biebz…

6gdkpw…they are also saying she is an alleged transgender.
you be the judge:

and i have to ask if this is true…..
i wonder who banged who?

an alleged question btw.

lowkey: this little “stunt” got her 53,000 followers.
i’m surprised the bielbers haven’t tarred and feathered these chicks yet.

x article found here
x see first alleged whore’s facebook here
x see second alleged transgender whore’s twitter


7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Banging Alleged Whores and Transgenders In Brazil?

  1. he’s so cute like a little teddy bear i find him cute but not in a sexual way…and i just have to say WHERE is his team AT?!??!!? they better take back to the days when celebs had parties they didnt let no one come in with a camera, phone or anything….and if he did smash i’m not surprised nor do i judge him since he is a young man…but he has to understand he’s JUSTIN FUCKING beiber he can’t just chill with any girl who comes his way but since it’s him this story will fade away in like a few days when the next scandal arises…now had this been Chris Brown they would have thrown his ass to the wolves (in my stomp the yard voice) lol

  2. She does look like a tranny or it could be a woman that had many surgical procedures done to her face.I think I believe the prostitutes.It seems JB and his team have an excuse for everything yet none of it adds up.Seems like Justin and his team say “this happened” and then another twist comes about that proves the opposite.Something went down.Maybe he didn’t know they were prostitutes and his manager did.

    1. ^i wonder why he is still clothed?
      after a night of sexing,
      his hat and tank should be on the floor.
      they want biebz to be a bad boy,
      yet like you said,
      they got an excuse for everything.

  3. That’s a man or was a man at some point, and he is ugly af. UGH. Damn Justin you can’t be sleeping around no hoes man. If Justin wanted a man he should have called me. I’d tear that white ass up lol.

  4. I’m getting tired of that boy. But I’m wouldn’t be surprised if he did sleep with a transexual or whateva because Brazil is filled with them.

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