Tyson Beckford and Transgendered Model Shoot All Over Each Other

tyson2model wolf tyson beckford still got “it” going on.
he’s like what now?
well however old he is,
the meat looks like it’s still fresh and seasoned….
tyson b is a vet in the modelling game and can never seem to take a bad picture.
well he had a photo shoot with a french magazine named oob that has everyone talking.
tyson got a little freaky with a transgender model named ines rau and well….

tumblr_mjqf5yDUdr1ro74a3o1_500so you see his dark chocolate body?
his tight muscular ass?
as far as him with the model who happens to be transgendered?
she is pretty  and i applaud him for doing something different and raising the bar.
hell it got everyone talking so sounds like a “win”.
ima need tyson and his 110 year old ass to cum over to my hole,
foxhole that is,
and drop trou to recreate that shoot.
horizontally, that is.

found: instinct magazine
photographer: Rodolfo Martinez
x go to oob magazine

14 thoughts on “Tyson Beckford and Transgendered Model Shoot All Over Each Other

  1. I like the photos that they shoot. I had a friend who was a tar woman, but she could pass without questions. It depend again on how they look when it comes to them getting men. I have seen so called straight men dealing with transsexuals. Visit the Atl. There were some of the most beautiful Trans you would ever see!

  2. Tyson Beckford is one of the most beautiful men in the world. He was one of my first crushes when I realized I was “different.” Kudos to him for doing this.

    To this day I still can’t get enough of him. At 42 he still tops my list. No competition.

  3. He looked comfortable as hell. More power to him because I couldn’t do it, sorry. On the real tho, we all know he fuck around, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to no one.

    1. My cousin’s best friend had Gender Reassignment Surgery done somewhere in Thailand.Nobody can tell She was born a Male.Her gynecologist couldn’t tell at first by looking at her external genitalia.He realized it when started to do pelvic exam. The Men she has sex with can’t tell.Apparently The surgeons in Thailand have perfected the surgery.Also my cousin’s friend is petite about 5′ 4″ so nobody would suspect She was born a Male. She only tells the Guys if they seem to be developing feelings for her.She doesn’t tell the casual sex hookups that she was born a boy.

      1. ^is true most transgendered vixens have issues finding wolves?
        i mean hell we ALL having issues finding good wolves,
        but i hear for them it is harder.

      2. Probably depends on how “Real” they look, how fine they are , how upfront they are.The Transwoman I mentioned above is not honest at first.Also some Straight Guys are interested in Pre Op Transwomen or Trannies.I think it depends on how feminine and pretty they are and how discreet they are.

      3. Jamari, I bet you they have it better than us man. Trust me, they too will win before we do. Sounds strange, but if you think about it you’ll figure out that it’s true. Who gets picked is similar to who has a better chance of getting hired first in the job market after college.

        This is my opinion of who will get picked first over us masculine men.

        White Women- This is obvious. It’s all about image in 2013, no surprise.

        Black Women- There is nothing stronger than love between a black man and a black woman, again no surprise.

        Transsexuals- They may have female parts on the outside, but the inside is a different story. They are like houses without working plumbing. However, some men are turned on by the fact they used to be men and are living their lives as women and think no one can tell. Real women can always tell tho.

        Trannies- They say imitation is the next best thing. Some men just like the cross between a man and a woman. I can’t explain that lol.

        Masculine White Men- Face it, masculine white men win because some black men can’t deal with another strong personalty, white men lack one. Black men always want to be superior to their partners.

        Feminine White Men- They can take care a black man, and just like white women they take pride in snagging one. You can beat their asses and treat them like dirt and they won’t leave. As long as they got a black one they are satisfied. Basically they are pushovers and black men love that.

        Feminine Black Men- Some, not all of my fellow wolves are big liars about not being attracted to feminine men. Not to mention a lot of you don’t want to be with a Fox who is equally or more masculine than yourself, so why not settle and keep your pride right? It’s better than fighting over who is more masculine. This is where insecurities play a role.

        Masculine Black Men- Yea, we are at the bottom of the barrel. I know y’all are not going to agree with this, but let it marinate a little. Think about all the factors that come into play. A man’s need of a feminine figure, society’s opinion, image, denial, and insecurities.

  4. can i say this…BLACK men get better with age look at Taye Diggs, look at Morris Chestnut and now look at him…this picture is all that this looks like something you’d see hanging in an art gallery…Tyson had to let this fools know He STILL runs this male super model ish…and shoutout to him for doing something different and going against the grain….and that model she is gorgeous!!!!

  5. I just read interview with the TG model at models.com.She had gender reassignment surgery at 16 .So despite the ignorant comments being posted on black gossip sites there was no penis rubbing or sword fighting going on.
    Maybe later with Tyson and Jamari but not between Ines and Tyson.

  6. Ancient, decrepit, one-foot-in the grave Tyson Beckford is 42. Idris Elba is 41. The Rock is 41. Shemar Moore is 43. Morris Chestnut is 44. LL Cool J is 45. Damn geezers…

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