One More Serving of “Tyson Beckford” Before Lunch

tyson-beckford-by-rodolfo-martinez-addicted-to-him-oob-magazine-derriuspierrecom-4was your mouth watering for more tyson beckford?
well mine was.
enjoy some extra beef samples from his photo shoot for oob with photographer rodolfo martinez

who wants sum?

lowkey: his meat looks smooth, don’t it?
not tough.
just delicate and juicy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “One More Serving of “Tyson Beckford” Before Lunch”

  1. OMG this man is simply…a masterpiece and he DOESNT age…im still in love with those slanted eyes and those full lips…lord all i need is 30 minutes with this brotha

  2. This is a beautiful man, its like all the male models who have come after him and 20 years his senior still cant touch him and I will say the same about Naomi Campbell. They are both timeless and classic. Its like some people are iconic, and in modeling, I would say these two are. He proves the old adage once again that good Black show dont crack! I see ya Mr. Beckford still looking damn good.

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