A Song That Had Me In My Feelings Besides Anything by Drake

drake-cryingdrake is clearly not the only artist to make me go emo.
the entry below may have you in your feelings this rainy (well for me) thursday…
so who has heard the song,
“say something”,
from a new group called a great big world featuring christina aguilera?
A-Great-Big-World-Say-Something-2013i heard the song last night on my itunes radio and it stopped me in my tracks.
it also triggered something within me to make me cry as well.
¬†“hauntingly beautiful” are the words to help me describe it.
the song can mean many different things to many different people,
but the main objective is breaking up.
the situation/person didn’t¬†reciprocate the same feelings you had.
it hurts that it had to end the way it did,
or you realize they don’t love you the way you should,
but you swallow your pride and give up.
who hasn’t been in a situation like that?

pick-me-ocheck it out:

isn’t this song amazing?????
watch them perform it on “the voice”:

it got me again.
the is one of those songs that would definitely be added to the soundtrack of my life.

lowkey: christina knows how to sing about some pain.
i feels ha’h.
check out another song from xtina i love:

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Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “A Song That Had Me In My Feelings Besides Anything by Drake”

  1. Christina KILLED that on the voice the other day. OMG! When she started singing, it took the song to another level!

    1. ^i love that she made her presence known without overpowering.
      i love this chick’s voice.
      stripped has been on heavy rotation lately.
      my “musical therapy” album.

    1. ^can i be completely honest?

      i didn’t take the song for a relationship with a wolf.
      i applied it to my recent relationship with god.
      the one where I am asking questions and not getting answers.

      why am I suffering?
      why am I going through it?
      god say something im slowly giving up on you.”

      it’s like the song expressed my inner feelings.

  2. I totally feel your perspective Jamari in regards to that song. We’re always told God answers prayers, even if the answer is no or slow to come. When our spiritual idealism doesnt transcend into our earthy needs your cant help but wonder. God where are you? We’re taught to wait on God but student loans cant wait, carnote cant wait, and your landlord? He’s not gonna wait either. its just difficult waiting for your pre-promised breakthroughs to manifest. You just hold on brother..

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