So Foxes.
I’m currently on assignment and loving every minute of it. Had to stop in to tell you all the dirty details.

So, currently, I’m trapped in my friend’s guest bedroom. Don’t worry, I’m fed and have plenty of supplies.

So anyway, my friend was telling me he was going to have company real quick tonight. Nothing long. A quickie and then… (We’ll name him Company) he would be OUT. I didn’t want to leave so I said, “I’ll chill in the back. You do your thing and then we can do something after.”

Free food/drink – Hell yeah, I’ll chill in here.

Rewind: He was telling me he has yet to speak to Company on the phone. They met on A4A. From the sounds of what my friend was telling me, Company sounded fine. Tall, slim, nice dick…. My kind of get together on a Saturday night. My friend likes his men masculine (as does many bottoms). He received a picture, but it was pretty small and blurry, but he claimed it was all good.

Uh huh nigga.

As I’m lounging, preparing myself to hear my friend’s back be blown out, the front door opens so I knew they were back.

From the sound of the voice of Company, doesn’t sound like he will be staying too long.

::: in Wendy Williams voice ::: “How U Do-innnnnnn”

From a past incident involving myself that I’ll share on a later date, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS… hear a voice. Anyone can sound “like your kind of nigga” texting. Even though many a queen has played “Switch 2 Deep”, they always get comfortable.

Later Foxes.

Oh and also: LMFAO!

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  1. Hey Jamari! I’m a top but I don’t like real effeminate dudes either. Yeah, ur right…do the phone test but it’s not 100 percent guaranteed! I’ve had dudes bitch out on me after busting a nutt cuz like u said…they get comfortable and let that bitch out!! Keep writing man and thanks for following me.

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