Phone X’d

So after the FAIL that was the AMAs,
I decided to turn in early and have some bomb phone sex with a potential victim Sunday night.

Only thing is,

The tables turned and I ended up being the victim….

Last time I had some bomb phone sex was with Hyped.
Hyped and I had this amazing sexual chemistry that could be felt.
The thing about him is he was sexy from jump,
so it wasn’t hard for him to make me pre cum by the thought,
but the brotha’s voice was AH-MAZE-FUCKIN-ZING.
Sometimes we would phone fuck over and over… and over.
I couldn’t get enough.

^– Actor who will be playing Hyped (who looks remarkably like him too)

[Phone Convo]

Hyped: Moan for Daddy.
Hyped: Yes baby! You like this dick?
Jamari Fox: I like that dick Daddy.
Hyped: Show me how much you like this dick.
Jamari Fox: What U want me to do?
Hyped: Let me hear what it would sound like if you was sucking my dick…

….. okay, alot of flashbacks.

he would call me on that late night tip and let all our fantasies run wild on the phone.
Sad to say,
the phone sex was better than the actual sex.

Anyway back into ’09,
I been chatting back and forth online with Chulo for a hot minute.
He had a way of always turning our conversations into something sexual
and for whatever reason that night, I felt particular sexual and wanted some phone dick in my ear.

I slipped him my number and he called me within the quickness.
He was an alright looking spanish kat, but his voice sounded like his mouth was filled with spit.
That turned me off ALOT actually.

“You want me to dig all up in the ass chulo?” he asked.
“Mmm yeah Daddy.” I replied, “I want that big spanish dick.”
“I want to eat it all day chulo.”
“Mmm yeah. You want to eat this ass baby?”
“Um. Yeah” – Me, at this point, looking confused.

… and it proceeded with him telling me what he was doing to me, him sounded like he was sucking up the phone, what I was doing to him, and what I was doing at that moment.
Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hardly said anything (I like that back and forth phone fucking) but moan and by minute 3, I was bored HARD BODY.
So bored, that I turned on my bedroom light and picked up the book I am reading.

I wasn’t even giving my all in it.
I was just giving a half ass effort.

He came in about, what, 5 minutes and I was READY to get him off my phone.
Pissed. What? You don’t even understand.

He sent me an instant message with the quickness, since I am always signed in via my phone, to tell me how good it was.
I must have missed the memo on my end.
He was trying to get some more phone butt but I managed to dip out from online and went to bed.

I awoke that morning to a text telling me:

“U lucky u not wakeing up with this latin pipe deep in u”

*sigh*…… nigga, no.
I decided to ignore that reply.

So I signed back on and he hit me up INSTANTLY to tell me he left me a text and how he wants some more.

Jamari Fox:
Yeah, I’m not horny right now baby.

Chulo: Oh I juss wantd to let u know boo.
Jamari Fox: lol Thanks
Jamari Fox: [x]

Did I mention ANOTHER text later on that evening?

So, now I have a phone bone stalker and, I didn’t even catch a nut.


So, ultimately the WHOLE situation was a……

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